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11.04.20 SeungSunLove Cafe Event for Come To Play

This was supposedly the first ever fan-organized meal event in the history of Come To Play. Needless to say, everyone was very grateful to the fans, and to SeungGi and SunHee (for having such great fans :D).

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11.04.21 News Tidbits

According to a dclsg fan, a SeungSunLove fan who was at the event for Come to Play yesterday heard that the concert DVD will be released in mid to late May. I hope this is true. Can’t wait to get … Continue reading

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Lee Sun Hee Concert ‘Sunshine of May’ Promo Video

I’m guessing that since SeungGi accompanied his teacher to promote her concert on Come To Play, there might be a good chance that he’d show up at the concert as a guest. 😛 credit: seungsunlove cafe

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11.04.18 Samsung Zipel Showcase Fancam – Lee Seung Gi

Just a 5-second video of SeungGi leaving the venue: credit: dclsg

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11.04.20 SeungGi at Come To Play

No pictures (yet), just SeungGi’s autograph. 😛 The fans at SeungSunLove Cafe are pretty amazing. They even prepared an event for the Come To Play recording. And this is SeungGi’s message of thanks: credit: seungsunlove cafe

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Lee Seung Gi on Come To Play in 2006

Gosh, has it really been THAT long since SeungGi last appeared on Come To Play? The recording for Come To Play was scheduled for today. Can’t wait to watch the new episode! 06.02.24

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Lee Seung Gi, Becoming Kang Ho Dong’s Successor ‘The Best Partner Ever’ Receiving High Praise

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Most Popular Celebrities in First Half of 2011

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11.04.16 KB Card CF Filming Fanpics Part 5 – Lee Seung Gi

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