Choi Ji Woo, Going on a Trip with 1N2D Team


1N2D will be leaving on a trip with actresses.

According to a production official, an “Actress Special” will be recorded on May 6th and 7th. The actresses are expected to experience the dinner & bedtime bokbulbok and morning mission at first hand with the 6 members. This is the first time female celebrities will guest on 1N2D, which is usually a “men’s road trip.”

The official said 1N2D had been contacting many ‘big shot’ actresses for the “Actress Special’, “I know that Choi Ji Woo and Kim Soo Mi have accepted the invitation” and other VIP actresses are also expected to participate in the filming.

On the other hand, 1N2D has received over 20,000 applications for the 3rd viewers tour in 3 days.

Source: sports chosun
English translation/summary:
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14 Responses to Choi Ji Woo, Going on a Trip with 1N2D Team

  1. marj says:

    whoah i can already imagine the fun it will be for seunggi to interact more with his sunbaes as an actor..looking forward for it already

  2. tonks42 says:

    Excited to the nth level!!!can`t hardly wait!!!

    Wanted to see how they would interact with female celebs…as they are not use to having female in the show!!!

  3. Tishi says:

    WEEEEE! Minah-sshi! I hope you say YES! Well, that’s getting ahead of the situation. I hope they asked her.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      You are so cute. I think the ideal candidates are low maintenance and easy going in nature. So SMA certainly fits the bill. Or they can invite some diva and just torture her…that would be fun to watch too!

      Thanks tryp for the fast news service.

      • Tishi says:

        The diva thing would be good. They’ll sleep outside, eat without utensils, plunge into the water, run around, and maybe even be left alone without money. Ooooh, so many things to do and look forward to. Maybe they should invite Uhm Jung Hwa, too. She’s not really an actress, but she acted sometime ago, right? Haha. Kim Sun Ah will also be great. She’s an outgoing person.

  4. N says:

    That’s so cool!!

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  6. jude says:

    Minah & other mentioned girls were suited but i’m really dying to watch HHJ in 1n2d..hehehe call me biased as a Hwansung fans.
    I think he guested before i think it’s in 1st episode but the show name before isn’t 1n2d yet..

  7. mei says:

    who is Kim Soo Mi?

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  9. sandixbabo says:

    han hyo jooo!!!!

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