Choi Ji Woo’s Side “1N2D Appearance? Still Under Review”

A short follow-up article:

In response to an earlier report about her guest appearance on 1N2D, top star Choi Ji Woo stated that it was still under review.

Fans have shown great interest, “I wish Uhm Tae Woong would bring his sister (Uhm Jung Hwa), and Lee Seung Gi would bring Han Hyo Joo”, “Can’t Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hee come?”

However, Choi Ji Woo’s side said, “It’s true that we’ve received the proposal for ‘Actress Special’ but it’s still under internal discussion. Nothing has been decided. We’ll make an announcement after further discussion.”

[Why are netizens suggesting Han Hyo Joo? What about Shin Min Ah?]

Source: joynews
English translation/summary:
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38 Responses to Choi Ji Woo’s Side “1N2D Appearance? Still Under Review”

  1. Tishi says:

    I love the photo! Yeah, why Han Hyo Joo? There won’t be any dynamic at all since I think she’s already taken and it’ll just be awkward. Shin Minah all the way =)

    • mei says:

      wait.. Han Hyo Joo is taken? by who?? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tishi says:

        Not too sure if she’s still dating the guy. Last I heard it was Kang Do-han. It was back in 2009, and she denied it. Still, their dynamic won’t be as strong as Minah and Seung-gi, since the Hoyi couple’s really strong these days.

        It’ll be fun if UJH comes to the show. She’ll get to sample PD Na’s evil plots. Then maybe she can give PD Na a talking to. Hahahaha!

    • SEUNG-Joo says:

      Yeah, why shin mina? ehmm shin mina n lee seung gi never have rumors . but seungjoo couple always mentioned each other . seunggi called hyojoo at last dong yi..n at interview japan seunggi said if he so close to hyojoo!!! n how about shin mina? never hear that..!!

    • kstew says:

      what about Shin Mina Ah and Big Bang’s TOP?

  2. Ann says:

    Hyo joo dating? Wow i didnt know that. I wish seunggi bring minah but if tis is going to hAppen most likely sg will bring hj since they are friends ๐Ÿ˜€

    • rumba lumba says:

      nah, Hyo Joo is not dating. i think Seunggi is closer to Hyo Joo, though. i remember Hyo Joo saying she asked Seunggi for advice.

    • Tishi says:

      Yeah, they’re friends since they’re closer in age. There’s an episode in 1N2D too where he called her for that baseball player guy.

  3. Yon says:

    Yes, should ask shin min ah aka Gumiho, Ho Dong will be scared of her eating his liver… Haha…

    Shin Min Ah! Shim Min Ah! Shin Min Ah!!

  4. jude says:

    Maybe i’m the only one who wants to see HHJ on 1n2d since i’m a Hwansung fans..
    No offense to Minah fans. It’s fine with me seeing either one of them but since i miss seeing Hwansung couple i want HHJ too same as nitizens vote.hehehe

  5. Msl says:

    I love to see SeungJoo reunion. I just hope she will come to SH but 1n2d is really really great. Can’t wait to watch this Ep. No matter who are these actresses it must be awesome.

  6. tonks42 says:

    Either Hyo Joo or Shin Min Ah will absolutely be 100% fine!!!!

    It would totally make everything interesting and fun!!!

  7. marj says:

    SHIN MIN AH!!! SHIN MIN AH!!!SHIN MIN AH!!! SHIN MIN AH!!!SHIN MIN AH!!! SHIN MIN AH!!!SHIN MIN AH!!! SHIN MIN AH!!!…….all the way..besides I want to see the boys be mystified by her beauty..since we know most if not all of them adore her..and Minah has most connections to majority of the cast too. Hodong absolutely like minah since he likes to talk about her in SH..Uhm Taewoong has worked with her in Mawang and of course Seunggi was her leading man in MGIAG..need i say more?…Please please please let it be Shin Min Ah..i miss the Hoi Hoi couple so much

  8. yuoi says:

    hehe, I’m so glad lot of you want Minah on trip, but I’m not sure she’ll be comfortable with many unfamiliar men around her ๐Ÿ˜‰ but if it’s true I’ll be beyond happiness, she is kind of very rare on variety. personally I really want to see Taewoong’s sister, Uhm Jung Hwa, she seems funny and easygoing person to me ^^ It would be great to see her dynamic with Hodong and Jongmin =)
    thank you, Tryp, for news!

  9. Ellie Chong says:

    Ha Ji Won!!!!

  10. Mei says:

    I am looking forward to see who are the female actress that are invite.

  11. Julia says:

    Shin Min Ah may be too shy to be part of a variety show? lol… But it will be awesome to see Shin Min Ah in 1D2N!!!

  12. Rimad says:

    HAN HYO JOO..HAN HYO JOO..HAN HYO JOO.. I really miss hwansung couple..

  13. TYJAH says:


  14. everydei says:

    LOL. tryp. there was an article also mentioning that dcgall 12nd also wish to see min ah.
    not sure if that’s really the meaniung but ill post the google translated part anyway. ^^

    “But the crew of netizens ‘Idol Special’ has shown strong interest in news planning. Program, bulletin board, and ‘1 Night 2 Days’ DC Inside the gallery and art seen in the Shin Min-a beautiful actresses am asking that the list of foreign-salted yeokyideut came up. ”


    • tryp96 says:

      A brief translation:

      However, netizens have shown high interest in the news of the production team’s plan of ‘Actress Special’. On the program’s viewers bulletin board and 1N2D DC Inside Gallery, they have even posted recommended lists of actresses to contact, and those include Shin Min Ah and other beautiful actresses who rarely appear on variety shows.

  15. ara says:

    Wow, this is great. Can’t wait to watch this episode!

  16. everydei says:

    lol thanks tryp. i guess people are just throwing suggestions with their favorite actresses. but whoever they are 12ND just made the right move of choosing actresses than idol groups. ๐Ÿ˜›

    excited for that EPIC episode. i guess all the 12ND boys will act weird.

  17. shy_hyo says:

    do you asking why Han Hyo Joo??????
    because Brilliant Legacy couple was in 4th place as the best couple ever, but Hoi-Hoi couple didn’t include in it. no offense to Minah’s fans.
    and since BL winning grand prize award at Houston International Film Festival, please bring back our SeungJoo couple together… ^^
    SeungJoo 4eVeR !!!!

    • tyjah says:

      sure yeah…brilliant legacy have a best couple ever .. that is seungjoo-hwansung couple araso???? ever, lee seung gi said that han hyo joo is who close too him…haha FIGHTING SEUNGJOO-HWANSUNG COUPLE…!!!

    • kstew says:

      Yeah.. Agree with you!!!

      I think both SeungGi and HyoJoo are loved by people from all generation (mostly Ahjummas), while SMA tend to be more loved by men~

      Besides that, Brilliant Legacy was getting more attention than MGIaG. So it is fairly if many netizens are more interested to hwansung couple than hoi couple..
      (wait.. it’s almost 2 years since BL was aired…
      and HwanSung couple is still popular, more than Hoi Couple or Dong Yi couple hahaha..)


      FYI, HyoJoo had been a guest on “Are You Ready” (now 1 Night 2 Days). She must be more familiar with the members of 1N2d such as KHD, LSGu, KJM, and EJW… ๐Ÿ™‚

      but, I’m not sure HyoJoo will be one of the guest in actress special. Since she must be still very busy preparing her film.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  18. sandixbabo says:

    hhaha shy_hyo nice to see ur support for the HwanSung couple.

    yea., im really praying for HHJ.. esp. since BL and the yashimanman special AND the BL drama awards- honestly HHJ didnt look her best..
    but right now since her hair is darkER and shes growing it out, she looks absolutely MORE gorgeous!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    dont hurt me shim minah fans but i never thought she was pretty 0.0
    (just my opinion)

  19. HyoHyoGi says:

    I Think HAN HYO JOO is special person to lee seung gi =) cause lee seung gi always mentioned her =) in everymoment…!! hope they be real couple … amin =)

  20. SEUNG-Joo says:

    I Don’t Really CARE about Shin mina pretty or not, Something important Just IF HAN NYO JOO n LEE SEUNG GI meet n greet , n HAVE NEW PROJECT TOGETHER again like be a real couple in brilliant legacy drama…HWANSUNG aza-aza hwaiting (!) aigoo . han hyo joo n lee seung gi like prince william n kate ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Infinity says:

    HAN HYO JOO & LEE SEUNG GI ALWAYS Gift seungjoo shippers Surprise about love story of them xD

  22. SeungYeol says:

    [!]”Why are netizens suggesting Han Hyo Joo?”…What about Shin Min Ah?
    ehm, maybe cause HAN HYO JOO is someone who CLOSE to seunggi. and CAUSE HAN HYO JOO is Great actress & have Natural beautiful :] HAN HYO JOO HOPE SEE U AT 1N2D. Hope that be real so much.

  23. enez.. says:


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