Declarations by 6 Heroines Appearing on 1N2D

Can’t believe I’m translating such a long article not totally related to SeungGi. 😛

As the filming of the “Actress Special” approaches, the 6 actresses have made their ‘declarations’ through their agencies.

Kim Soo Mi: I’ll bring kimchi to the filming

This is a program I’ve always enjoyed watching. So when I received the invitation, I gladly accepted it. And I’ll do my best while filming. Actually I have a musical performance on Saturday after the filming, so I feel a little burdened. But what I’m most worried about is kimchi. If the kimchi doesn’t taste good, I can’t eat very well. I think most likely I’ll bring some kimchi to the filming.

Lee Hye Young: I think it’ll be hard but also interesting

Why appear (on 1N2D)? Well… It seems to be interesting. A lot of people asked me if I was worried about sleeping outdoors or entering water, but wouldn’t it be more interesting because of that? I would feel burdened if I was appearing by myself, but since there are many other actresses together, it’s much less burdensome. I’m also close to Choi Ji Woo, so I think I’ll have a good time.

Yeom Jung Ah: Please pair me with Lee Seung Gi~

It would be nice if I could be paired with Lee Seung Gi! But I don’t think I’ll have the power to pick in advance. I’m prepared for sleeping outdoors. Right now I’m worrying about how many pairs of underwear to bring. We can even be thrown into seawater? We just need to go in (to the water) right? The seawater is not still cold, right?

Choi Ji Woo: This is a chance to become close with the public

1N2D is a program that receives a lot of love from the public. I wish this would be a time of communicating and becoming close with the public. I know all about the features of the program. I’ll adjust myself to the purpose of the program and have fun filming. Sleeping outdoors? I’ll tackle it in whatever way I can on the spot.

Kim Ha Neul: I’m not fussy

I’m not fussy and I have a nature-friendly personality. Sleeping outdoors, entering water, and bokbulbok games usually seen on 1N2D, I’ll be able to handle them all. I’ve had to soak in the rain for over 9 hours in one day while filming a movie, so I can easily go into the water while traveling with 1N2D.

Seo Woo: Full of confidence… I’ve got to play the maknae

I haven’t been on many variety programs, so I’m nervous. But being able to appear with so many sunbaes, I feel more confident. Being the maknae, I’ll play my part quietly alongside the 1N2D members and the sunbaes.

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11 Responses to Declarations by 6 Heroines Appearing on 1N2D

  1. Atsirk says:

    LMAO. A noona with Seung-gi sshi. Can’t wait for that one 🙂

  2. Tishi says:

    I still find Kim Soo Mi the most interesting to look out for. I wonder how she’ll react if PD Na confiscates her pack of kimchi (makes me miss MC Mong and his hidden snacks). I hope they pair Seung-gi with Yeom Jung Ah. One fangirl wish can be made true, among the sea of hopefuls. Looking forward to this. Let’s see just how ready these girls are. I wonder how they’ll fare. Thanks for this, Tryp!

  3. aminato says:

    Hello. I love Lee Seung Gi very much. Thank you for putting information of Lee Seung Gi on blog every day. I am just surprised that information is very fast. In this spring, activity in Japan of Lee Seung Gi was expected, but stops it because East Japan great earthquake disaster happened. It seems to burden him when I watch the article that he spoke recently because his general image is very good.
    It will be good blog in future. Thank you.
    I’m sorry very much.I am not good at English.

  4. liemkopi says:

    I’ll definitely watch it (and luckily 2N1D will telecast in SIN) as my fav actress Choi Jiwoo will be in it and of course I also love this show:-)

  5. soba says:

    Lee Seung Gi and Seo Woo please….

  6. tonks42 says:

    Getting more and more exciting waiting for this … really seems that all the actresses are game so it would be totally fun to watch them interact and see their other side….

  7. tonks42 says:

    And thanks so much for translating this article though not related to Seung Gi!!!I always stalk your blog for the latest news…

  8. leyzlie says:

    yes… i have been excited for this special episode… All of them seem to be prepared for all the games. I am curious if PD Na will limit his so called evil tactics since female celebrities are present. Hoping he will not do that. keke… Looking forward who will be Seunggi’s partner…^^

  9. audiee says:

    Oh thank you tryp for the info. love yr blog.

  10. Threshold says:

    Well.. he still the youngest among all .. all these are his nu-na … only Gen Y among the Gen Xs .. learn from the wise.

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