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Perioe 46cm CF – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with HD video + DL link* Still waiting for the video… So here’s the kiss-on-the-cheek scene we heard about. 😛

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11.05.07 News Tidbits

Shocking 1N2D Actress Special spoiler!!! A dclsg fan read this spoiler posted by a netizen, so please take it with a grain of salt. And please don’t click if you don’t want any more spoilers. 😛

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04.06.12 SeungGi & Fans

This is a really sweet story. The couple in the picture are actually fans of Lee Sun Hee. They even met because of her (they were both in her fan club), and they eventually got married. SeungGi performed at Lee … Continue reading

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SeungGi on Gag Concert?!

OMG, this is just too funny! 😆 SuGeun was teasing about SeungGi being on the set, and look how everyone in the audience reacted! credit: dclsg

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A Study of SeungGi’s Socks

This was compiled by SeungGiRin. I’m too lazy to translate it, but the pictures are fun to look at. 😛

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The Most Handsome Man? 1N2D Members Ranked

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Lee Seung Gi, #1 ‘Celebrity Who’s Most Likely to be Filial to Parents’

I think SeungGi has topped this poll many time before. 😀

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