Lee Seung Gi Fan Signing Fanpics Released “Just Like Posters”

These fanpics are so daebak that they even made the news! 😛 And it’s currently the #1 entertainment news on Nate!

Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi’s fan signing pictures were released.

A post titled ‘Lee Seung Gi at fan siging. Model student force shows up even in fannpics’ was published on an online community bulletin board on May 13th. ‘Fanpics’ are pictures taken by the general public, not by professional photographers.

The author wrote, “SeungGi at the Perioe fan siging~ With his hair cut like an ice mound recently, he does seem to have a straighter image. But he’s just such a model student in these pictures. SeungGi’s looks and action are both so straight, and heartwarming.”

In the pictures, Lee Seung Gi was giving fans autographs with a short haircut and a bright smile.

Netizens left comments like, “They are fanpics, right? But they totally look like posters”, “A sincere hunnam. It’s hard to find such a guy in college.”

Source: starnews
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Fan Signing Fanpics Released “Just Like Posters”

  1. yumiko says:

    i really dont like the reporter.. they always came to Lsgdc to steal photos..
    also reporter steal photos from leeseunggi.com.. the fans doesn’t like to spread photo out.. the reporter are crazy..

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