11.05.24 Strong Heart Cuts

*7 clips so far + tudou link of Ep 78*

glitter getting into SeungGi’s mouth on stage

SeungGi moving to the music

SeungGi’s club dance (pumping!) 😆

guests explain to SeungGi about club pass

SeungGi’s outfit for next week

Coming soon! Duet with Kang Min Kyung: Just Like the First Time 😀

More club dancing

Lost (?)

credit: dclsg

Vodpod videos no longer available.

credit: ZZDGddd @ tudou

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6 Responses to 11.05.24 Strong Heart Cuts

  1. judepps says:

    im looking forward seeing both of them singing the song for the first time live..however, i really don’t want to dig in about Seunggi’s outfit for nextweek.. Cody please!!! don’t mess up..

  2. gloss says:

    his dancing is still as cute as everrr!
    but as much as i adore him, his outfit for next week is.. for lack of a better word.. horrifying. hahaha.

  3. djl says:

    LOL i cant wait for the song too.

    i dont know.. maybe its just the trend(?), because i’ve been seeing alot of celebs wearing the same type of shirt LSG is wearing..

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Why I never get tired of watching his clips? I’ve repeated this set countless times. I think you do a great job distilling the show to its very precious essence, big thanks, tryp!

  5. dhannylyn says:

    thanks for this looks interesting be watching it later

  6. dhannylyn says:

    is this the episode where KARA talked about Matsumoto Jun of Arashi..aahh… thats why it looks familiar to me^^

    not a KARA fan..
    just hopin they’ll stay away from ARASHI **hides away from kara fans..peace** and to seung-gi also hehhehe

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