SeungGi and Strong Heart Guest

Actress Jung Sun Kyung guested on Ep 71 & 72 of Strong Heart. I think she talked about SeungGi being very popular in Japan. (She married a Japanese guy and now lives in Japan.)

credit: cyworld

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4 Responses to SeungGi and Strong Heart Guest

  1. Yon says:

    Last week when I was at Strong Heart recording for the ‘King of Kings’ episode, Seung Gi, Hyun Joong & TVXQ Yunho were chatting among themselves for about 5-10mins before recording Part 2.. I was like, ‘wow!’ but later when I think of it, they are around the same age, if I’m not wrong, HJ & YH is a year older than SGi.

    And 1 of the guest(the bald headed guy who told his story in SH about the world cup which was held in Korea in early 2000). He took his Hp and took a pic with SGI first, then start going round taking pic with Yunho, Hyun Joong, 2PM junho(think so), making the audiences like us so envy of him.

    • tryp96 says:

      Yon, your 2nd Strong Heart recording? I think we all envy you more than that bald guy. 😆
      Are you back from Korea? Looking forward to reading your fan account. 😛

      • yon says:

        yes, i’m back home… how i wish i could stay another 4days there to attend the The Saem fan signing..but guess SGi must be telling me that ‘once is enough’..hahaha…. because the rumour of the saem fan signing was translated by you after my partner applied for her leave and she can’t apply the 2nd time.. if the rumour was out a bit earlier, we would have been able to stay a few more days. But it’s ok, it’s a tiring thing if you know what we have to do to get that queue number…haha…

        tryp, for the SH recording, it’s even more exciting… haha… no no…i didn’t get close to SGi or anything like that, but i will write it out later why it is exciting….

        i will be writing soon, maybe tonight. will e-mail to you and ann(from lsgfan) only.. ^_^

    • dhannylyn says:

      just being in the same place with him is more than enough reason to be jealous…
      uuwwaa good for you^^
      hope you really enjoy your trip^^

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