11.05.29 1N2D Cuts

*19 clips so far + tudou link of Ep 206*

well-dressed SeungGi


Why are women crazy about SeungGi?

JiWoo’s invitation: let’s do a drama together!

JiWoo the jealous girlfriend? “Do you like Ha Neul better?” 😆

steamed bun mission – group photo

dough boys

mission success?

What month is before January? (Yeongwol: yeong = 0, wol = month)

SeungGi’s ideal type?

finding hints

letting guests finish the puzzle

PD Na announces the race result

SeungGi’s chocolate abs hidden underneath the shirt!

SeungGi jumping into the water

rescuing JiWoo

rescuing SooMi

thanking JiWoo for being a good sport (and HoDong wants to join her fanclub? :lol:)

JiWoo picking out kimchi for SeungGi


next week’s preview

OMG, this is hilarious:

KJM took off his shirt before going into the water, right? Well, “Lee Seung Gi, the person I want to see taking off his shirt, doesn’t take it off.” [Note: This was not written by a SeungGi fan.]

credit: dclsg

Vodpod videos no longer available.

credit: ZZDGddd @ tudou

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15 Responses to 11.05.29 1N2D Cuts

  1. tonks42 says:

    Waiting for the DL link….I love how JiWoo teases him!!!He looks so cute blushing…

    Thanks for the clips!!!

  2. suzu says:

    Waiting for the DL link too…. Gah! SeungGi & JiWoo in one small screen together is just like a dream come true.. Everyone were like praising, teasing SeungGi..

  3. yocheumi says:

    once again… the face size problem…
    i think based on ‘dough boys’ clip, there will be more and more article talk about seung gi and hodong face size…
    jjongmal mianhaeyo… hodong ajoessi…(_ _)… ^^

  4. tonks42 says:

    Loving the Bonus…can`t help but react!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  5. AnnMichelle says:

    Oh my…the water seemed icy cold! Hooray for manly Seung Gi! Love the bonus indeed.

  6. ilove1n2d says:

    Although I didn’t understand the language but hv fun watching it… & thanx for the brief summary….
    I am jealous of JiWoo & SooMi because both got help from him especially JiWoo…the best scene for today was when SooMi “faint” & am so nervous that time but then luckily my brain work faster today. If it is true, for sure before the airtime there will be a news. So, naughty ar SooMi
    Thanx God their team lose….coz if the other team lose, the “jump into the water” scene not so funny like theirs.

  7. Audi says:

    Thanks tryp96 for updating. I missed kbs live today 1n2d especially seung Gi as I m traveling outstation for 8 hours non stop. I will be off the Internet for few days. Update any news about SeungGi…he my stress free vitamin..lol.

  8. yon says:

    I was shocked by the soo mi fainting scene too.. i was like ‘is the PD going to get scolded by the netizens for not taking care of the ladies’? When soo mi shouted ‘hidden camera'(am i right in the translation?), i laughed out loud and really applaused her for creating some laughter for the viewers. Guess the guys were shocked as they didn’t expect the guest to play a prank on them.. haha…

  9. Wonny says:

    I almost taught tht kim soo mi did the hidden camera after seeing seung gi hv to get his hand in to help choi ji woo…keke…the show gt plenty of love lines actually, unlike wht pd na said in his interview…but I like that its not too excessive, =))…is it like this?? seung gi kim haneul, LSGChoi Ji Woo, Kim Soo Mi->LSG, obviously almost all the ladies likes seung gi, dun kno abt seo woo, ha…correct me if im wrong..bt mybe olso, KJM->CJW, UTWKHN, keke, the married guys is out of the picture if thy dun wanna gt in trouble with the mrs…

  10. deyani says:

    Yesterday’s 1N2D was daebak, my favorite scenes were Ji Woo teasing Seung Gi, Kim Soo Mi’s mukjibaaaa intimidation, Kim Soo Mi’s prank camera (my husband thought she didn’t faint as PD Na wouldn’t air this scene if she was really fainted), Seung Gi’s team cute steamed bun pics, and of course, Seung Gi as a gentleman helping the girls in the water. Lots of Seung Gi-related scenes and he was blushing so hard when Ji Woo asked him if he likes Ha Neul better than her. 😀

    Thx for all the cuts, Tryp… =) Especially the bonus… hehe..

  11. jude says:

    tryp thank you for the video cuts.. yesterday’s episode is a jjang!

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  13. cherrymae danosos says:

    hes so cute 🙂

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