11.05.31 Stalking SeungGi’s The Saem Fan Signing

SeungGi’s autograph:

A few more tweets while waiting for more pictures:

I saw Lee Seung Gi for a second just now, beaming with a smile.. ^ㅇ^ He’s so good-looking.

This person went to the fan signing but didn’t get a ticket. So she waited by one of the entrances to the underground shopping center. Luckily, SeungGi used that entrance and walked by her.

I am so thrilled right now. He’s really good-looking. Handsomely tall. SeungGi, I’m going to be your fan forever. Please accept me.


A dclsg fan is saying that the fan signing ended after 20 minutes! How is that possible?

Seems that SeungGi said he would be sending fans a message sometime in June.


Did SeungGi show up early? There are already tweets saying SeungGi arrived at the fan signing, but they couldn’t see him because of the crowd.


A little over an hour left…

Some pictures from earlier today:

credit: dclsg

Some tweets:

Lee Seung Gi has a fan signing somewhere in the Jungang-no Station Underground Shopping Center in Daejeon?? ㅋ// So that’s why people are gathered there like a swarm of bees. ^^;

Lee Seung Gi is coming to the Jungang-no Station Underground Shopping Center today. Even Japanese ajummas have been lining up since early morning. ㄷㄷ

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


According to a dclsg fan, there were already 90 people in line by 8am KST.

I think there are 10 additional spots reserved for international fans.

The store will open at 10am for people to make the required purchases, and the fan signing will start at 5pm.

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8 Responses to 11.05.31 Stalking SeungGi’s The Saem Fan Signing

  1. Yon says:

    Omg! It doesn’t sounds good if ended in 20mins. Either they did a quick fan signing or the place was overcrowded that they have to stop it. Fan signing should be done in shop unit & not those underground outlets as they will block the passage to the other side when it’s too crowded.

    I was still blaming myself for being timid(don’t like to be alone in Korea) & not extending it for a few more days for this fan signing. Wonder if I were there, would I be disappointed if I didn’t get the autograph.

    If there are any international fans, I hope they managed to get it.

  2. ann says:

    sending fans message sometime in June? could this be news of a new drama or an album? i wish SG could make MV’s more. he has so few MV’s released from his past albums

  3. bevzhyunjae says:

    look at those crowd…imagine that subway over crowded and people cant pass to the other side…maybe they’re so irritated..hahaha

  4. forever_epikfan says:

    Tryp :

    By any chance, do you know if he is going to be doing some signing in August?? 😀 and I read that there were 10 tickets saved for international fans- are those for international fans that belong to his fan base group? I hope he keeps having these signings all year round!! ^^ Lee Seung Gi- Fighting!! >=D

    • tryp96 says:

      The fan signings are usually announced at the last minute. So it’s hard to plan ahead. The Saem is the only company that reserves spots for international fans at the fan signings, probably because they get so much business from them. 😆

  5. foreverepik says:

    so how does an international fan get the chance to reserve spots at Lee Seung Gi Signings?? =D

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