11.05.31 Strong Heart Cuts

*4 clips so far + tudou link of Ep 79*

Guest praising both MCs, SeungGi: “See you again next week.” 😆

SeungGi’s nose means good fortune

credit: dclsg

A couple more cuts I made:

Opening: self-luminous SeungGi

SeungGi’s expensive designer purse gift to Kang Min Kyung

credit: tryp96.wordpress.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

credit: ZZDGddd @ tudou

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8 Responses to 11.05.31 Strong Heart Cuts

  1. nauzah says:

    i wish i have sbs channel on my tv and share strong heart seung-gi’s cut =D.. but thank u tryp for ol d goodwork!

  2. bevzhyunjae says:

    wow….your very good tryp…and thanks for that we are so updated…this site is the first I open when I open my PC in the morning…and in my office!!hahaha

  3. cheekie says:

    Tryp, do you know if the duet scene was edit out?

  4. dhannylyn says:

    thanks for always updating us^^

    noticed your new banner yay^^ its lovely^^

  5. rumba lumba says:

    can you translate the part with the Davichi girl?
    Davichi is grossly underrated, btw.

  6. Gen Wong says:

    omg at the last clip! Seunggi was so cute and adorable while looking shy and embarrassed when Min Kyung said that she didn’t really dig his gift! He’s such a sport though, that’s fine Seunggi-ya!

  7. ANN says:

    How can i translate the episode into english please?

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