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11.06.01 Best Love Screencaps Part II – Lee Seung Gi

By the screencap-master SeungGiRin: (Very high quality, huge size)

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11.06.02 Zipel CF Filming – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 3 pics so far*

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11.06.02 News Tidbits

Kang Min Kyung apologizes to Lee Seung Gi by allkpop In Best Love, Lee Seung Gi makes a cameo appearance as a comic character by korea.com ~~~~~~ The Zipel CF filming has just ended at 3:30am KST. It’s been a … Continue reading

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2011 Lottery Commission CF – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* Will update when there’s a downloadable version. 😛 credit: China cafe

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11.06.01 Best Love Screencaps – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* This was definitely a visual treat. 😛 SeungGi’s expressions are all just priceless!

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11.06.01 Best Love – Lee Seung Gi

You can read the recap by dramabeans here: Best Love: Episode 9 You can watch the English-subbed video by LSGfan/Beedance here: Seunggi cameo on Best Love *updated with HD video* SeungGi was so good, but did they have to use … Continue reading

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Best Love Cameo HQ Photos – Lee Seung Gi

We’ve seen the press versions earlier, but these are probably the original files and they are huge! 😀

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11.05.26 SeungGi and Strong Heart Guest

Hong Suk Chun has guested on Strong Heart several times already. Yon said she was jealous of him taking pictures with SeungGi at last week’s recording. I guess this was the picture they took. 😛 credit: twitter

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“If I could only see Lee Seung Gi!” International Fans Took Over Fan Signing in Daejeon

Haha, aren’t international fans amazing? 😀

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Perioe 46cm June Wallpaper – Lee Seung Gi

Just in time for the new month. 😛 1024 x 768

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