Strong Heart King of Kings Special Photos – Lee Seung Gi

I thought there was another episode left before the King of Kings Special. (I’m still waiting for SeungGi’s duet of Just Like the First Time… They better not have edited it out!) But now they are going to air the King of Kings Special on June 7th. Are they doing this to save the ratings? 😦

credit: sbs/strongheart

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8 Responses to Strong Heart King of Kings Special Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. djl says:

    Handsome People!!!

  2. rumba lumba says:

    they should do more talking and less of those pointless “dance to this. do this and do that” talent segments.

    and seriously, Hodong should just stop hyping up Seunggi every single episode. it is freaking annoying. it’s like h e’s always forcing on the female guests how great Seunggi is. the sad part is that some other guest’s stories or whatever gets edited out just to make room for hypnig up Seunggi. i’m a fan and this just needs to be stopped. even though he’s great and all that, he is the MC and not the guest.

    and Hodong does this all the freaking time. even in 1N2D’s actress special he keeps on asking Jiwoo about Seunggi or whatever. i’d rather have them interact in a friendly and comfortable manner rather than making all these fake couples. that’s why i dont watch Running Man and stopped watching Family Outing because they hype up these fake couples every single episode, which everone knows they’re freaking fake anyways.

    maybe Hodong has not moved on since his Love Letter variety show ended, but Strong Heart and 1N2D is NOT Love Letter. seriously, every single episode Hodong asks female guests about Seunggi despite the fact that ther are male guests there. it’s just realllly getting annoying. ugh.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Calm down, rumba lumba. You have expressed very clearly you don’t like that kind of talk, but have you considered other people might like it? I am sure the script writers are very aware of viewers’ likes & dislikes and the all-important ratings.

      When I could not find clothes that I liked, I used to blame the poor taste of the designers and the mass consumers in general. Then I grew wiser and realized the problem was not them. The problem was me. I just had strange taste that’s all.

    • wonny says:

      I think rumba lumba is doubt…:((

    • Nauzah says:

      relaxed~ just think positive… i think Kang Ho Dong totally fall for SG thats why.. im sure if u r in hodong position with feeling of adoring seung gi u would also do that… =D be understanding~ and i would be sad if they edit out seung-gi singing with KMK..cus im lovin that song…

      to Park Pd if u ever saw this comment… please i dont mind watching a long strong heart ep. as long as u dont cut any important scene… hihi^^ and and anywayyyy Kang Shim jang is the best talkshow ever.. never fails to entertain me.. *eventhough i dont now korean lang. but i can understand it and entertained by it… =D

      KANG SHIM JANG Mansei mansei man man sei!! ahhahh

  3. airen zu says:

    i think it will be kind of boring if they only do the talking..not all guests have good stories to share..the viewers are having fun bcoz of the jokes, the talent segment n etc..

  4. deyani says:

    I agree tryp, I’ll be dissapointed if they cut out SeungGi n MinKyung duet, was looking forward to it. But I wonder if last week’s purse controversy made SH PD decided to air king of kings special instead of continuing last week’s battle.

    The dance n talent show actually helps the guests to relax n encourage them to share their stories. Imagine being invited to a talk show with 19 other guests whom you meet them for the first time, it’ll be akward to share your deepest secret. But after the dance n fun sharing jokes, the guests usually r comfortable with each other n able to share their stories comfortably. It’s just my opinion though.

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