Happy 7th Debut Anniversary to Lee Seung Gi!

2004.06.05 – 2011.06.05

7 (wonderful and daebak) years down… And 70 more to go? 😀

[I’m not artistically talented or PS savvy, so I’ll just borrow someone else’s artwork here.]

credit: daum cafe

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11 Responses to Happy 7th Debut Anniversary to Lee Seung Gi!

  1. yocheumi says:

    seung gi oppa…. chukkahaeyo…^^
    oreore hamkei hae julkeiyo , uri…
    Happy 7th Debut Anniversary ……
    hope you will be like the first time,,,
    Just like you before you become entertainer… always a good man ….
    i believe in you oppa…
    and you must get your happyness…
    more and more … we will always smile to you…
    you must be happy oppa …
    seunggi oppa HWAITINGGG / …^^

  2. yon says:

    Congratulation to Seung Gi for his 7th year anniversary..!

    70 more years to go??!!! mmmm….. that means i must be still alive and over 100years old then…hahahaa…. (in a way, he is wishing his fans to have a long live…hehe)

    I will go slowly, Seung Gi…7years at a time, noona is not young anymore, can’t run so fast…hahaha….

    (p.s. i know i owe tryp the fan account at SH…writing now…hehehe.. should be shorter than kolon sport fan account….keke)

  3. Gen Wong says:

    Thank you Seunggi for coming into our lives, you have definitely made our EVERYDAY so much brighter! Hoping that you’ll continue to be a singer, actor, CF model, MC, and variety who makes us all happy for many years to come (minus two years in the army which we are sooo not looking forward to!) Congratulations!

  4. Osi says:

    Happy 7th debut anniversary to lee seung gi.
    May God always protect him.

  5. dhannylyn says:

    congrats Seung-gi^^

  6. bevz08 says:

    wow… it’s been 7 years…imagine that?and for such a young man like him?we really must be proud of him…

  7. meemee says:

    More blessings to come, may God be with you always!
    Airens all over the world won’t stop loving and supporting you!
    Keep those cute, charming and lovely smile!
    You never fail us to be happy each and everyday!
    Congratulations! I’m so proud of you!
    Saranghae! =)

  8. forever_epikfan says:

    Happy 7th Debut Anniversary Lee Seung Gi! I so happy that you came into the lives of many of your fans (including mine)- may your career be blessed with nothing but success and happiness for you! ^o^ I hope that God watches over you and can’t wait to hear more news about you!! xD

  9. nymphadora_sirius@yahoo.com says:

    Happy Anniversary to Mr. Lee SeungGi!!!!Wishing you all the best and may you continue to shine for years to come!!!

    Thank you for always staying Genuine and Sincere in everything you do!!!!

    God bless you always!!!

  10. Tishi says:

    70 more? Hahaha! Will be with you all the way, HeoDang! All the way =)

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