SeungGi’s Popularity on 1N2D

credit: dclsg

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12 Responses to SeungGi’s Popularity on 1N2D

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    I was in Insadong the day before yesterday. On one stand I spotted a calendar with SG on the cover. While reaching for it, another person got it before I did. It’s a guy, who turned to show it to his wife and said, Lee Seung Gi. Then they talked in Japanese.

    In the end both the Japanese wife and I decided not to get it (because the picture quality was not that great; it looks like someone was making easy money off SG). But I was very happy for his popularity.

  2. Jast says:

    Lee Seung Gi ‘s really Popular ! 😀

  3. airen zu says:

    i’m willing to be old like those grandmothers if i get to touch him like that. lol..XD

  4. dhannylyn says:

    was there an episode in 2d1n that they went to japan?…
    just curious after watching the clip^^

    • Anonymous says:

      nah..they were tourists that the team met on one of their trips…anyways watching the clips makes me wanna rewatch these episodes over again

      • dhannylyn says:

        thanks for that^^
        im still catching up with the episodes. I used to watch it back home but now in the new city im living i dont have kbs world thats why i just do it online^^

        thanks for the reply

  5. ايمي says:

    واه روعه لي سونغ اموت أنا بس ابغى امسك ايده احسد هالناس مقهوره وابكي بنفس الوقت اه ااه

  6. Dimples says:

    I just love this vid! It shows how really popular SeungGi is. 🙂 LOL Even puppies can’t resist his charms!

    Tryp, thanks for using Vimeo in your vids. It’s easier/faster to load. 🙂

  7. monique says:

    oh.!hoping someday i’ll see him in person..:))

  8. forever_epikfan says:

    >< Crosses fingers and hopes that I get to meet Lee Seung Gi when I go to Seoul !^ o^

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