11.06.06 Strong Heart Cuts

*5 clips so far + tudou link of Ep 80*

So I guess SBS decided to air this episode at a totally random time slot so the King of Kings Special could be aired early (tomorrow night). And unfortunately, it seems that the duet of Just Like the First Time was edited out. 😦

SeungGi being shy when guest talking about kiss scene

love on probation?

SeungGi imitating guest

just a funny scene

screencap from tomorrow’s preview

Guest shares a sweet story, SeungGi envies then asks about HoDong’s morning kiss 😆

credit: dclsg

Vodpod videos no longer available.

credit: 但为君故频笑语 @ tudou

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2 Responses to 11.06.06 Strong Heart Cuts

  1. crazxymii says:

    nice vid lee seung gi..

  2. airen zu says:

    playful seunggi imitating guest..he’s so adorable 😀

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