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SeungGi’s 7th Debut Anniversary Fan Event Photos

I think this was the event prepared by the SBS Lee Seung Gi Gallery at the Strong Heart King of Kings Special recording 2 weeks ago. The autographed message they received from SeungGi was posted earlier.

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KB Card Print Ad – Lee Seung Gi

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Hong Seok Cheon Reveals “HeoDang Lee Seung Gi’s Real Nickname Was HeoSung”

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Chef SeungGi for Pizza Hut

credit: dclsg

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SeungGi Puzzles

If you’re looking for something fun to do… 😛 For the ‘hard’ levels, press ‘z’ while clicking on the puzzle piece to change its direction. credit: dclsg

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11.05.31 Lee Seung Gi Leaving The Saem Fan Signing

I just love these pictures and video for some reason, even though we don’t even see SeungGi’s face here. All those people waiting outside just to catch a glimpse of SeungGi leaving the fan signing…

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