11.06.10 News Tidbits

Brilliant Legacy wins international award again

The 17th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards ceremony was held on June 10th. Korean drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ won the Overseas TV Series Special Award.

Congratulations to SeungGi and the BL team. 😀

You can watch the video here (credit: baidu teiba), but it wasn’t SeungGi who accepted the award. 😛


1N2D Members’ Influence Ranking by Lee Su Geun

#1 Eun Ji Won
#2 Emperor Lee Seung Gi
#3 Kang Ho Dong
#4 Lee Su Geun
#5, 6 equivocal

“Lee Seung Gi is truly an emperor. Everyone, including the producers and HoDong hyung, listens to what he says.”

Source: star today
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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5 Responses to 11.06.10 News Tidbits

  1. patty says:

    is this just according for lee su geun him self?
    no 1 is jiwon?hihihi like when leader episode..

  2. Tishi says:

    Hahahaha! 5 and 6 is Jongmin and Taewoong. Evil Genius Ji-won, then Emperor Seung-gi. Not bad.

  3. BibzSasz says:

    Eun Ji Won number 1.. haha.. he truly deserves that.. haha.. and agree with Emperor Lee Seung Gi.. 🙂

    By the way, any words when will they do 1N2D filming? Seems quiet lately. I’m thinking the actors’ special will be another 3 episodes like the actress special.

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