11.06.13 SMAPxSMAP – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with English translation*

The video I uploaded is taking forever to process today. But thanks to hanrize, here’s the HQ video:

credit: hanrize

Another HQ version:

credit: dclsg

Rough translation:

Korean super star Lee Seung Gi’s first challenge:
Defeated man who really exists – man who hates to lose

[Kumi attends a wedding with her boyfriend, Hwan (SeungGi), but runs into her ex-boyfriend, Goro. They start chatting and reminiscing that the marrying couple actually met because of them.]

SG: Kumi, I got you some wine.
Kumi: Thank you.
Kumi: Let me introduce him: my boyfriend, Hwan. He’s Korean.
Goro: ah…
Kumi: He (Goro) is an old friend of mine.
SG greets in Japanese.
Goro tries to speak Korean, but makes so sense.
Kumi: He can speak Japanese.
Goro: I see.
Kumi: My boyfriend manages his grandma’s restaurants. They also opened a restaurant here in Japan, and that’s where we met.
Goro: You used to eat only Japanese food… Now you eat Korean food too?
Kumi: The samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) at his restaurant is really delicious.
SG: She said it was the best dish at our restaurant so she went there for it.
Goro: When you were sick and had a fever, didn’t you say the porridge I made for you was the best?
Kumi: Hey!
Goro: Do you just say things like that out of habit? Is that ok?
Kumi: Sorry. He meant no offense.
Goro: (But I did mean to offend.)
SG: That’s ok. Please come and visit our restaurant.
Goro: No, I’m very busy.

Kumi: Do you have a girlfriend now?
Goro: No, but I’m just enjoying the process of picking a girlfriend. There are so many of them, but… I just don’t get that feeling of falling in love.
Kumi: I see. I hope you find a nice girl soon.
SG: But, it will be hard to find someone pretty like Kumi.
Kumi: Oh, Hwan, stop it. [totally flirting]
Goro: Ah, you think she’s the best?! Girls like her are everywhere. She’s probably in the lower-middle level in Japan.
Kumi: Lower-middle level?!
SG: Hey, don’t you think you’ve been very rude since the beginning? I can put up with it if you’re just rude to me, but I won’t let you say bad things about my girlfriend.
Goro: You won’t let me? What? You want to fight?
Kumi: Hwan, don’t let him bother you.
SG: Don’t worry. Isn’t it silly to fight at a party? How about this? Do you want to try arm-wrestling?
Goro: Arm wrestling?
SG: If you don’t feel confident, we don’t have to compete.
Goro: Of course we should compete.
Kumi: Would it be ok?
SG: Come on, let’s battle it out.
SG gets ready and puts his right arm out.
Goro: Ah, I’m left-handed.
SG: I can use my left hand too.
Goro: You must be the type of people who’ll look for excuses if you lose.
SG: Of course not! Kumi, you be the judge.
Goro: Hey, that’s cheating. No. You can’t put your hand there.
SG: No?
Goro: No. Play fair.
Kumi: Then, ready, go!
Crowd: fighting! fighting!
SG: Is this the best you can do?
Kumi: Ah, this is great!
SG wins. 😀
Goro: Ah, I was cheated. See, you had bent your arm since the beginning.
SG: Ah?
Goro: How could I win? Being held down like this?
SG: Then, should we do it again?
Goro: No, no. My arm feels strange now, it would be impossible for me to win. But, what a surprise. Why are you taking this so seriously?
Kumi: Really, that’s enough! This is why I broke up with you. You haven’t changed at all!
SG: Please stop bothering my girlfriend from now on!
Goro: Hey, we haven’t broken up yet!
SG: Ah?
Kumi: He’s just saying that because he’s jealous of us. Don’t take it the wrong way. I totally broke up with him!
Goro: No, no, no! Not yet! Definitely not!
Kumi: Hey!
SG: That’s enough…
Goro: Oh! I’m not the one starting a fight! [runs away]
SG: What a lowly man.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
Based on Chinese translation by 小小 @ China Cafe
Please do not repost without permission or plagiarize.

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3 Responses to 11.06.13 SMAPxSMAP – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ann says:

    He took on Hwan as in Brilliant Legacy’s Hwan Sung! I love it

  2. wonny says:

    OMG! so, in a way this means that this is a continuation of BL? so, that means that the HwanSung couple didnt workout?…:((…but his character is kinda mixed with MGIG with a little bit of Hwan..Lol..this makes my imagination run wild…this can be thought as the japan version I guess…haha

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