11.06.14 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi


Best cameo on ‘Best Love’: #1 Lee Seung Gi 😀

New rivals in the entertainment industry: Lee Seung Gi vs Kim Hyun Joong

(only SeungGi’s part)

credit: daum cafe

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11 Responses to 11.06.14 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. patty says:

    seunggiyaaaaa….i am proud of you…really unbelibobel..
    it’s just your firts cameo and you got a “best cameo” among the other celebs..
    i am also proud to be airen..
    fighting uri seunggi..
    *tryp96,thanks for the updating..you are the best too 🙂

  2. bevzhyunjae says:

    I Don’t care whoever is on heights right now…my eyes are fixed only on Lee Seung Gi..hahaha…Seung Gi-ahhhh!!! Daebak!! (to tryp—>two thumbs up!!)

  3. foreverepik says:

    Sorry Kim Hyun Joong but you don’t have Lee Seung Gi’ s charismatic awesome smile!! >=D I only have eyes for Lee Seung Gi!! I agree with that fan girl- he is really handsome! I would like to assume that Lee Seung Gi won against Kim Hyun Joong. I am proud to be an airen!! Lee Seung Gi- fighting!! >=D

    Thanks a lot to Tryp !! =D

  4. leyzlie says:

    wae rivals.. hehe of course i prefer lee seung gi more.. he got more talents, not even Kim Hyun Joong can top that.. ^^ (just saying my opinion).. tnx tryp =)

  5. dewi says:

    Tryp, why seung gi is always compared (or I do not how to say) in every kind of event or categories with kim hyun joong? I do not have any other intention, just very curious about that?? Thanks,

    • tryp96 says:

      I think the Korean press just likes to make comparisons in general. SeungGi and KHJ happen to be 2 of the most popular celebrities. They are similar in age, and they have some similar activities. So it’s easy for the press to draw comparisons between them.

  6. dhannylyn says:

    why do they love comparing people…
    But for me, Lee Seung-gi is far more better than the other guy^^
    the reasons are well to obvious no need to mention those it the whole space may ot be enough^^

    just wondering about the part of the clip where Seung-gi won an award when was that? was that of last year?..
    Thanks for updating us as always

    • tryp96 says:

      Yeah, that was the KBS Entertainment Awards last year. SeungGi won the Top Excellence Award in the Show/Entertainment Male MC Division.

  7. nin says:

    tryp when did lsg bacome # 1 in music bank?

  8. dewi says:

    Ah, just likes to compare, I get it now Tryp, Thanks.

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