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11.06.16 SeungGi’s Autographed Message

I haven’t followed the daum cafe fans very closely, so I’m not sure what they prepared for SeungGi’s debut anniversary. But someone posted this message from SeungGi dated June 16. It seems that they organized some kind of ‘pledge’ event, … Continue reading

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11.06.18 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Best Remake Songs: #10 Let’s Go On Vacation

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The Saem Diary – Lee Seung Gi

I don’t remember seeing this section on The Saem’s website before. Most of the pictures are old, but it’s nice that all the diary entries are SeungGi-related. 😛 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert

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The Saem June Wallpaper – Lee Seung Gi


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11.06.17 1N2D Fanpics

The source didn’t reveal the location. It could be either Jindo or Gwanmaedo.

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“I wouldn’t mind a secret marriage if it was with this guy!”

Even though SeungGi is not the #1 pick in this survey, I’m posting it because it’s an interesting topic. 😛

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11.06.17 News Tidbits

Recorded TV broadcast like live broadcast with “Strong Heart” Eeteuk’s “Twitter real-time communication” by korea.com ~~~~~~ Happy Sunday will start 15 minutes early this week. So if you plan to watch live streaming of 1N2D, make sure to tune in … Continue reading

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11.05.19 Daedong College Festival Fanpics Part V – Lee Seung Gi

I don’t remember seeing this set of fanpics before. 😛

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