11.06.20 News Tidbits

11.06.19 1N2D ratings:

Nielsen – average 26.2%
TNS – average 23.9%, peak 32.4% (at 7:19pm)


11.06.19 Nielsen ratings: #4 Happy Sunday 19.1 (Seoul 20.3); #7 1N2D rerun 13.3 (Seoul 13.2)

11.06.19 TNS ratings: #4 Happy Sunday 17.7 (Seoul 19.7); #5 1N2D rerun 13.9 (Seoul 16.0)

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10 Responses to 11.06.20 News Tidbits

  1. rumba lumba says:

    1n2d should seriously go back to the 2008-2009 formula. i dont hate the new format and style, but the golden era of 1n2d was the funniest. now theyre focused too much on races, etc. which is fine, but bokbulbok games are much fun.

    anyone else notice they dont drink kkanari anymore. even lemon. also, no more games like dibidibidip and some other bokbulbok games. those were all fun.

  2. Wonny says:

    once again I thought like rumba lumba is definetely yumiko…or somewhat like her/him…hmmm…btw, kbsworld is a bit unusual today, coz it aired the subbed part 2 actresses special….I thought the 1n2d aired in monday was supposed to be a rerun from the friday part 1 actresses special..so I was shocked to see that its the part 2 instead…anyway, anyone know this? whats episode are they going to air in friday then? coz last week I clearly remembered the ep in monday was the rerun..hmmm…from what I see, the subbed ep and ori ep’s gap was just 1 ep back in 2009/2010? but the continuous rerun and ep cancellation becoz of certain contrvrsy, the gap now become 2-3 ep than the original ep aired in korea…if they did that to close the ep gap then, I think I pretty much like that…haha, =)),

    • Fave says:

      I am a huge fan of LSGi and 1D2N but I kind of agree with Rumba Lumba . The best episodes of 1N2D were in 2008/2009. I have been watching re-runs and never got tired of them. But I must add that I love the actor special part 1 very much too. I watched the entire episode a few times, unlike some other recent episodes where I only watch when Seung Gi appears and fast-forward the scenes without him.

  3. ay says:

    Yes, I also agree with Rumba Lumba and Fave, I still like !D2N very much but I was also watching some old episodes from 08/09 and I felt that the chemistry among the guys back then was better and they seemed to enjoy themselves much more, being just silly. Now, I sometimes sense the awkwardness.

    I think part 2 of the actor special was hilarious but UTW seemed very quiet. Yes, and like Fave, I have been fast-forwarding the non-LSG parts in some r

  4. audi says:

    ya i missed the first part of 1n2d today, kbs world show the part two actresses special, i taught it just rerun for Friday subbed episode. now i need to glue myself Friday, Sunday and Monday(ahhh working day). anyway…i missed my dear SeungGi. seeing him…make sickness away…

  5. Mei says:

    But a show cannot relay on one format. If do ppl will get sick of it.

  6. rumba lumba says:

    LOL @ Wonny.

    just because Seunggi is in 1N2D, that doesn’t mean i cant voice an opinion against the program. i became a fan through 1N2D, and no matter what anyone says, LSGi belongs to 1N2D more than any other program or drama. he’s a staple of the program, much like Jiwon, Sugeun, and Hodong. all 4 of them are irreplaceable in that program.

    trips from 08/09 were Baekdusan, the one where Hodong beat the 6 marines in wrestling, the one where they went to the baseball stadium, the one where they performed Mujokon on Korea National Singing Contest, the prank on the new PD, ep where Seunggi wore a wig and a clock, the ep where Seunggi and Sugeun were left behind and worked on Music Bank, the ep where they did a guerilla concert on one of the universities, trip where they took Kim Jongmin, trip where they went with their non-celebrity friends, trip where they went to the village of old halmonis and harabojis, trip when they went to Jeju and Kim C left Seunggi, trip with Park Chanho, trip where they had to find the destination through DAeju’s drawings and took pictures with strangers as their mission, trip where it was Chuseok and they were given meat and along the way they played games with people to earn an extra hour, etc.

    i could go on and on, and there were a ton of memorable episodes.

    so far, 2010-2011 episodes were funny, but not as good or funny as 2008-2009. the closest it got was the Jeju episodes when they were in suits and ties.

  7. Wonny says:

    Mmm…okey…but for me, its more to the fan preferences that changed over time than the show change itself…sure 1n2d is not the same as it was before…I like to think that the show became more mature over time…cuz its hard to top things off after each and every episode…the earlier ep was kinda like that tho, every episode tops the previous one, so to the viewer it would be more memorable to watch…now that they come to the part where they systemized their each episode, it may look like the episode became more boring…I think the PD were stretching it with each episode, to come up with new ideas…n I notice that they never use the same idea/theme more than twice…thrice is pushing it…for me I also felt a little bit what u guys do…but I think we miss the old show becuz it had much more impact than now…and also the members have becomes much more busier now than they were before, especially Seung Gi..=)), so…lets not be bias and just watch the show as it is now…like 1n2d previous slogan, remember the beginning and watch the show ernestly like we watch it the 1st time, its amazing that the guys are still pretty much the same as they were, I mean like they do not think too highly of themselves now that it became the number 1 variety show in k country, ha, we have Kang Ho Dong to thank for that, and im sure they would get back in shape sooner or later, now its just an optimization period..LOL, btw my most memorable episode was all the summer episode, like the episode where they got in a van/truck? and some epic proportion battle happened in there with EJW, LSG n KHD, ha…I think these combination are always great..theres another ep where they also team up, but I dunt remember when…n the scene where they arrived at their base camp too..my fav..how can they hv such chemistry,I felt the rainy days blues mood watching it n I like those feeling the most..keke, I dunno what im saying anymore, maybe I fell in too deep with 1n2d now…guess ill stop…ha, anyway, sorry for the long post, gotta get it out of ma system I guess..=))

  8. deyani says:

    I agree with rumba lumba, and I saw you commented on dramabeans 1n2d posts several times, so I know you’re big fans of 1N2D like us.

    Honestly, I’ve been re-watching the 2008/2009 episodes. I miss their summer camp, bokbulbok marathon, winter camp, their spontaneous trip & spontaneous concert (at guerilla concert & KBS Singing contest) & autumn reading competition.

    My favorite 1N2D episodes are still the baekdusan trip, amazing race trip (where they had to visit several cities in one province, did missions in each city and arrived in the allocated place before 5PM to get the camping car), the grandparents trip (where they split up into teams of 2, they cooked & stayed overnight with them, played games, it was a lot of fun), all the annual camps, guerilla concert, spontaneous zombie game. For 2011, my favorite episodes are the Seoraksan, Foreign Worker & Actor Special.

    I know PD Na has boldy said in his interview that he changed 1N2D format, but I would love to see them do the annual camp and especially I want to see UTW to drink kanari and / or lemon. I know the guys are busier now and I don’t think they’ll go to Antarctica this year (I remember they said last year that the Antarctica trip will be postponed to 2011). But as a fan of 1N2D, I will still be watching the show and support them as they work really hard in the show… (even though I hope UTW will come out of his shell and speak more). =)

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