Which celebrities do office workers want to go on vacation with?

Isn’t this just like the survey I posted a couple of days ago? But I guess SeungGi being #1 consistently says something about the validity of the surveys 😆 (ok, only as a measure of popularity).

“If you could go on vacation with a celebrity, who would you like to go with?”

Male office workers picked actress Kim Tae Hee as the partner they would like to go on vacation with. Female office workers’ most preferred vacation partner was singer Lee Seung Gi.

On June 29, a job-search portal site ‘JobKorea’ released the result of a survey of 1485 office workers on ‘preferred summer vacation’.

Female workers picked Lee Seung Gi (11.6%) as the best vacation partner…

#2 Hyun Bin 9.6%
#3 Jo In Sung 8.9%
#4 Yoo Jae Suk 8.2%
#5 Cha Seung Won 6.9%

A large number of male workers wanted to go on vacation with Kim Tae Hee (11.7%)…

#2 IU 5.8%
#3 Lee Hyo Ri 4.7%
#4 Kim Ha Neul 3.9%
#4 Shin Min Ah 3.9%

source: chosun, hankooki
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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1 Response to Which celebrities do office workers want to go on vacation with?

  1. yeobo says:

    hahaha… It seems that all surveys go with Seung Gi the most….of course who would it be without him (atleast for me, because im a bias…hekhek… 😀 )
    but crazily, I find Kim Tae Hee attractive, but its funny that i dont like her to be Seung Gi’s partner…hahaha… funny me… 🙂

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