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To J – Lee Seung Gi & Lee Sun Hee

This performance is pretty old (from 2004) but I don’t remember seeing it before. And SeungGi looked so young! 😛 credit: seungsunlove cafe

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Lottery Commission Ad Photos – Lee Seung Gi

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Haitai Beverage Ad Photos – Lee Seung Gi

PyeongChangSu bottled water:

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11.07.01-02 1N2D Filming in Gochang

According to a dclsg fan, 1n2d filmed in a cornfield, and they had to pick some corns. 😛 These are the only pictures that have surfaced so far. 😦 Please let me know if you can figure out where SeungGi … Continue reading

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Kolon Sport HQ Photos – Lee Seung Gi

We’ve seen some of these pictures before, but these are nice HQ files. Thanks to the Chinese fans for sharing them! 😀

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10.06.13 The Only Flower in the World – Lee Seung Gi

This is daebak! Someone had shared a mp3 of this performance before, but now we finally get to watch SeungGi! 😛 At the Brilliant Legacy fan meeting in Tokyo last year: credit: daum

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11.07.02 News Tidbits

A dclsg fan read on twitter that SeungGi went to play soccer again, after the 1n2d filming today. Gosh, does SeungGi ever rest?

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KB Financial Group Photo – Lee Seung Gi & Kim Yuna

This is the featured photo from the KB Financial Group’s homepage. 😀 source: kb group

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