SeungGi in PyeongChang

Since “Lee Seung Gi PyeongChang” is such a hot topic in Korea right now, and since there’s not much other news, let’s just take a stroll down memory lane and watch some clips from SeungGi’s first 1n2d trip to PyeongChang. 😛

SeungGi stepping in dog poop – the ultimate symbol of good luck 😆

SeungGi learning to cook rice

SeungGi playing his 1st game on 1n2d

SeungGi the master of promotion

credit: dclsg

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7 Responses to SeungGi in PyeongChang

  1. yeobo says:

    I remember the last video. I think its the episode where Seung Gi had brought with him a wireless microphone while on set and sung when he told him to. And it turned out that he was lip sync-ing..hahahaha

    • dhannylyn says:

      at first i was really amazing how can he sing like that even in the early morning but i was LMAO when Ho Dong sway his hand and found out that he was lip-syncing.. it was EPIC lol..

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Thanks tryp. I was just thinking about digging out this episode and then you posted the clips. For a newbie to this show, SG really held himself so well. His charm, brains, athleticism (I laughed and laughed at the hammock maneuver), were all in place in his first appearance, truly amazing. Or should I say 승렐루야 ?!

  3. mazies says: seunggi first ep with english sub i found on YT

  4. princess says:

    What’s the title of that song? Please… Thank you!! =))

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