11.07.11 News Tidbits

A dclsg fan saw this ranking from a Christian magazine (I don’t think SeungGi has a religion, but that doesn’t really matter here :P):

Which male celebrity would you like to attend worship services with?

#1 Lee Seung Gi, #2 Hyun Bin, #3 Kang Dong Won, #4 Won Bin, #5 Jo In Sung

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


11.07.10 1N2D single rating: Nielsen – 25.6%, TNS – 24.1%

peak rating: not released


SBS 100-min Special Broadcast of Lee Sun Hee Live Concert

… Hoobae Lee Seung Gi also appeared as a guest and livened up the atmosphere at the concert even more.

I hope this means SeungGi’s guest performance will also be broadcast. 😛

Again, the broadcast will start at 11:15pm KST tonight (7/11).


11.07.10 Nielsen ratings: #4 Happy Sunday 20 (Seoul 21.7); #11 1N2D rerun 11.9 (Seoul 12.3)

11.07.10 TNS ratings: #4 Happy Sunday 19.0 (Seoul 20.8); #11 1N2D rerun 11.3 (Seoul 12.4)

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8 Responses to 11.07.11 News Tidbits

  1. Anonymous says:

    looks like the rating could not get as high as before the MBC IAS released…. maybe if no re-run could get better rating?

    • tryp96 says:

      Well, MBC moved IAS to the later time slot, competing head-to-head with 1N2D (which I think is a little malicious). So I’m glad that 1n2d’s rating actually went up compared to last week, even though it’s not as high as in the old days.

      • shiri says:

        tks for infor… seems MBC so daring to compete head-to-head with 1N2D after last week rating… and the result 1n2d rating went up this week… wish they can get high rating as before…

  2. dhannylyn says:

    i havent been following the rating (maybe i should do that now) but i think 1n2d’s ratings are pretty good for mw but i’m not really familiar in how ratings in korea goes but i reckoned its a good one.

    P.S tryp : just wanna ask regarding the rumours of Seung-ki coming to New Zealand do you happen to heard anything about it again.. sorry for troubling you ^^
    thanks for your updates

  3. Audi says:

    tryp…i remember he did say he went to church every Sunday for a girl (during his school day), he surprised his mom asking for a bible..he jokingly said that he almost becomes a priest. he stop going after the girl left…this was during a show(i cant remember) and i not sure now? hmm..as what u posted…that doesn’t really matter for us.

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