SeungGi the Little Red Riding Hood – 1N2D Version

This is just hilarious! 😆

credit: dclsg

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8 Responses to SeungGi the Little Red Riding Hood – 1N2D Version

  1. yeobo says:

    wahahaha…hilarious indeed!!!!look at Hodong’s face…its almost the size of Seung Gi’s edited whole body..hahaha…thanks tryp…are these photos to be shown in the episode?

  2. AuDi says:

    lol this is so hilarious funny…..i cant stop laughing… tryp where is this from? CF 1n2d ? anyway, thanks tryp so creative of you. i m waiting for live show 1n2d in next half hour from kbs world, cannot wait to see bb seungGi.

  3. gloss says:

    too funny! hahahaha. and sangguen! i miss him!

  4. dhannylyn says:

    This is a history in the making^^ LMAO

  5. leyzlie says:

    oh my! all the casts are here.. seunggi the red riding hood is just too cute.. missing MC mong and the kanari too, and kim c and sanggeun.. >.< tnx for sharing this wonderful pixies ^^

  6. Tishi says:

    Thanks, Tryp! This is too hilarious!

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