Chung Jung Won ‘Miracle of Dining Table’ Event – Lee Seung Gi

Event time/date: 2011.07.26
Part 1 – 4 pm ~ 6 pm KST
Part 2 – 8 pm ~ 9 pm KST

Event location: Outdoor Event Hall at E-Mart, Sungsu Branch in Seoul

Participants: about 200 customers

Program: Part 1 – Event / Part 2 – Movie

How to participate: first-come-first-served basis

Lee Seung Gi is scheduled to attend the 1st part of the event.

Source: daum cafe
English translation:

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8 Responses to Chung Jung Won ‘Miracle of Dining Table’ Event – Lee Seung Gi

  1. shunliwei says:


  2. shunliwei says:

    Thank you.我中午到首尔,赶到那里可能已经排不上队了。。不过可以看到昇基了吧。。。好的。。等我的消息吧。

  3. Natalie Sitt says:

    first come first served… when should i go there…. its hard for me to slip out for the whole day…. will they have any more details?

  4. stardust says:

    haaay!!! i’ll definitely go to korea for the winter olympics..i hope to see seunggi..ahahah..

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