SeungGi’s Spell, Part 8

According to the mom blogger, the family went shopping and this little fan girl was so excited running around the store looking for SeungGi’s pictures. She then posed like SeungGi, took lots of pictures with him, and even kissed SeungGi’s pictures. 😆 [I’m just posting a few here.]

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The mom said the little girl probably became ‘SeungGi-aholic’ after she watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho last year. The mom found out later when they were looking through a booklet/brochure at a salon and she asked the little girl which samchon (uncle) was good looking. The little girl kept saying SeungGi samchon. Even now, her answer hasn’t changed. 😆

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Whenever SeungGi comes out on TV, the little girl perks up, and her expression is always heartwarming to see. The mom was initially jealous of SeungGi, but now she’s hoping that her daughter would meet a boyfriend like SeungGi one day. 😆

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credit: dclsg, naver blog

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7 Responses to SeungGi’s Spell, Part 8

  1. Tishi says:

    “but now she’s hoping that her daughter would meet a boyfriend like SeungGi.”

    Hey, mom, we’re also hoping to have a boyfriend like him. Haha! That girl is so cute. Seung-gi samchun will be glad to meet her. Although, it’s sad that he’s married to another girl, already. Haha.

  2. airen zu says:

    wondering, is there anyone who doesnt like seunggi or even hate him?..b4 this my fandom for other idols is primarily based on good looks..but seunggi is special bcoz of his personality..:)

  3. yeobo says:

    this is a living evidence that Seung Gi is indeed loved by all ages… 🙂

  4. kang boungja says:

    ahjumma, millions girls out there also hope someone like suenggi to be her…

    uri Seunggi realy awesome,, every one from every generation love him..

  5. Gen Wong says:

    How adorable! Seunggi’s charms really are like no other!

  6. nisa says:

    aww! someone should send the mom’s blog story to Seunggi as a surprise! i think he’d really like it 🙂 ~so cute

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