SeungGi in shorts

SeungGi doesn’t wear shorts very often (not sure why), but I think he looks great in this picture from FUBU. It really shows how tall and lean he is. 😛

credit: naver

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4 Responses to SeungGi in shorts

  1. guen says:

    i think i know why because he’s too tall and his legs look skinny….he needs to go to the gym…..that’s just my guess…is this picture his latest coz i think now a days in 1n2d he’s more buff…

  2. sarah says:

    Yay!! So handsome!! This one make my day!! 🙂 I love him even on his pyjamas.. Hahaha ;p
    he looks so boyish on shorts.. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    This might sound bad but-daaanng he sure has some NICE LONG legs!!!!!! xD And Lee Seung Gi is still handsome as always!! I love it when he wears hats- especially dark ones: it suits him soo well and makes him look handsome!!! >o< ^o^

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