Kang Ho Dong “will film 1N2D only through this month”

*update #8*

OMG!!! What’s happening to 1N2D?!

Just very briefly (since I’m too shocked right now):

Nation’s MC Kang Ho Dong has expressed his intention to leave 1N2D to the production team.

It seems that he wants to leave while the program is still on top, and it’s time for new challenges. KBS is of course doing everything they can do persuade him to stay.

UPDATE #1: An official from KBS PR Department said, “We have not received any notice of Kang Ho Dong leaving 1N2D.”

UPDATE #2: KBS is currently holding an emergency meeting on HoDong’s departure plan. Someone from 1N2D said even the production team didn’t have a clear understanding of the situation.

UPDATE #3: HoDong’s MBC show ‘Knee-drop Guru’, which is usually recorded every Wednesday, has suddenly canceled its recording today.

UPDATE #4: A personnel from 1N2D cast’s side said that HoDong had mentioned to the other members about leaving the show. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

UPDATE #5: Netizens have started an online petition to oppose HoDong’s departure from 1N2D. Some articles are reporting that HoDong has been on 1N2D (and Knee-Drop Guru) without a contract, and he had expressed intention to leave since last year.

UPDATE #6: KBS Entertainment Bureau Chief said, “There was no emergency meeting. And we did not meet with Kang Ho Dong. We will get organized and deliver KBS’s official stance through the PR Department shortly. Please wait a little longer.”

UPDATE #7: โ€˜1 Night 2 Daysโ€™ PD denies rumors that Kang Ho Dong is leaving the show by allkpop

UPDATE #8: KBS announces official stance on Kang Ho Dongโ€™s possible exit from โ€˜1 Night 2 Daysโ€™ by allkpop

Source: starnews1, Wstarnews, starnews2, nocutnews, 10asia, nocutnews2, sports chosun
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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66 Responses to Kang Ho Dong “will film 1N2D only through this month”

  1. yuoi says:

    WHAT THE HELL??????????????????????
    is this some kind of joke???? I dont understand!!!!!!!!!

    • yuoi says:

      I’m too shocked, I have so many thoughts in my head right now: how will 1n2d survive without its main host, isn’t it selfish of Hodong to leave show like this, is it an end of 1n2d? or maybe it will turn out not true, oh gosh. what to think?.. I fill like I’m going to cry.

  2. Tishi says:


  3. reglest says:

    No!!! Please Don’t!!!!

  4. โ™ฅ nicoleko66 says:

    noo~ i dun wan! i dun wan! =(

  5. tata says:

    Really Shocked…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. choding says:

    what’s happening?!

  7. Mic says:

    omg isit true?? oh no oh no :((((((((

  8. seunggicharm says:

    Please tell me this is just a joke..please wake me up from this bad dream!Hodong hyung,please don’t leave 1n2d!pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeee!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ i’m having goosebumps now after reading this…it’s so sad…i want to cry!

  9. SLTeh says:

    omg! why??? what is happening now? I remember Lee Su Guen shi said he will cry if 1N2D end. but now what is going to happens.. Ho Dong shi leaving……. or another shocking news of other member leaving … or our Seung Gi might be leaving for military services, too!? Oh no, all the big fans like us will surely cries….cries, too. I’m crying now… can’t image.. oh no…

  10. deyani says:

    Oh what happens? Is it because of his expiring contract with his agency? Don’t want anyone to leave 1n2d ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I was happy today as I listened to Koyote’s newest single, now, this news truly breaks my heart. Thanks for the update Tryp.

  11. myseunggiya says:

    OH NO! it can’t be. no way! as in NO NO NO! what’s happening? oh my! i’LL pray he’s going to change his mind. KANG HO DONG, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE 1N2D. it’s like if you leave, it will be the end of 1N2D. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    awww.. such a sad news. but it’s still not confirmed so let’s all pray that he would change his mind.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    OMG what would happen to 1N2D if the main MC leaves…! THIS CAN’T BE IT.

  14. myseunggiya says:

    i don’t want to think it would be the end for 1n2d. if SeungGi-ssi goes to military service, 1n2d will still be there and would definitely wait for him to come back. but it would be a different story if HoDong-ssi leaves the show.
    so please HoDong-ssi, not now, not in the next 2 years!
    hear our plea Mr. Ho Dong Kang. please do this for your fans who sincerely loves 1N2D.

    • Tishi says:

      That’s true. It’s a sad reality, but if you change the younger members, it’ll still be 1N2D if Ho-dong’s there.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think if we change Khd, lsg ,jiwonand seugu, it will make a lot of difference. Which means whoever out of the four Is leaving, the other three has to work extra hard. Why? Look at tae woong and kjm, they give little or no ccontrubution to the show. Therefore, by adding a new member inreplacement is not goin to help. So it’s better off making a brand new show. I am not saying I want khd to leave, I hope thr rumor is not true and he show goes on. I am stating my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ ( don’t hate me)

      • Tishi says:

        You have a point about the four guys. But I think taking Jongmin out too will make a difference. Or maybe I’m just too loyal to the members I watched since 1N2D started. =)

      • april says:

        2D1N will not be the same without KHD. 2D1N will not be interesting, funny and exciting without EJW, LSG and SGuen. 2D1N will still be the same without KJM and UTW. Like the rest I’ve followed the programme right from their very 1st episode till now. If KHD must leave, at least bring back Kim C and Mong aah. LSG can take over the intro, Mong & SGuen the antics/clowning and EJW the negotiation. Just my opinion…. life goes on….

      • ajewell says:

        Jongmin was part of the original cast when it started (back when it was Are You Ready?) but had to leave due to military service. After he served his two years, he came back. So he was there from the show’s beginning – only Seunggi and Taewoong weren’t (and before them, Kim C and MC Mong).

        So honestly, it doesn’t really matter who was there longer. As the MC, Kang Ho Dong is the heart and soul of the show; replacing him is much harder than replacing a regular member. I mean, finding a funny, famous celebrity is a lot easier than finding someone who has MC ability, and equal levels fame/talent – not to mention an ability to connect with its audience, who are often as integral as the cast.

        Gah, i’m getting depressed just thinking about it…

      • april says:

        I feel that if he really leaves, it will be for health reason. He’s very committed to the show as evidenced in all past 3 years episodes. I’ve noticed him letting out a cough or two during openings and closures of several latest episodes.

  15. Tonks Perez says:

    Eottoeke!!!What will happen to 1N2D andwe!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kang Ho Dong shi, please don’t leave. You are the main MC, how can you leaves…! Please change your mind…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mr Kang is the soul of this program, if he leaves, they might as well restructure the entire show

  18. yeobo says:

    NO…NO…NO…This is not gonna happen!! What is 1N2D without Hodong-ssi? What will Seung Gi do?Without his hyung, how’s he gonna cope up things when he’s out of the military without hi hyung?Of Course there are other hyungs, but Kang Hodong is also a legend in 1N2D..OH-MY-GOD…I think I cant sleep until I cant get an update that this news is all wrong…*cross-fingers*

  19. Ay says:

    Shocked beyond words. 1n2d won’t be 1n2d without him.

  20. junie says:


  21. gloss says:

    OMGGGGG! this cant be some kind of sick joke right??? and i thought today was a slow news day.. all of a sudden this! what’s 1n2d without its main mc?? /bites nails.

  22. Wie says:

    Pleaseeeeee NOooooo…… if that happen i would cry all night even all the weeks, i wont see gudbye party anymore. I already Miss Kim C hyung n Mong Hyung…. What will happen to 1N2D without the main MC T_T

  23. i couldnt believe this news! it’s too shocking ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    hodong even mentioned abt this to the other members :((
    truely, it’s difficult to continue without our main MC. he is always the leader
    please… this cant be true ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  24. myseunggiya says:

    UPDATE #4: A personnel from 1N2D castโ€™s side said that HoDong had mentioned to the other members about leaving the show. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    — i wonder how they’re all coping now. if it’s hard for us, how would it be for them? such a sad news. please HoDong-ssi, CHANGE YOUR MIND and don’t leave. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  25. Mabelle says:

    Is this real?????? I hope it’s only a big joke!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    if kang hodong will leave,its better if they just cancel the show. 1n2d is kang hodong and kang hodong is 1n2d.

  27. monza says:

    what kind of joke is that??? tell me if it’s just a silly joke
    i wanna cry ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    please don’t leave 1n2d…PLEASEEEE!!!!!

  28. leyzlie says:

    what? no Ho Dong?0, jebal don’t leave!

  29. jn91 says:

    Shock beyond words: Kang Hodong leaving 1N2D, I don’t really like him, but still, without him there, it’ll be different… Please stay and continue to take care the dongsaengs! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  30. mmeshahsg says:

    OMG!!!! Kang Ho Dong???? How can he leave? He has so much power ~ as in, he is very loud and handed the show very well as the leader for his group. He is well respected and he is sooooo nice with the fans and people around him. Such a good down-to-earth person. Sincerely don’t understand what is really happening ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  31. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know what’s going to happen if 1n2d without KHD….even i watch 1n2d mainly because of SGi…but i feel KHD already part of SGi since his debut in 2004… will 1n2d members able to laugh without KHD? what will SGi feel if KHD really leave? i can’t imagine….

  32. Ezaty says:

    I hope he’s not stopping because he’s unable to continue (like being sick) or some other similar reasons. It’s a loss all the same.

  33. Yon says:

    A shocking news! 1N2D without Kang Ho Dong is like having a body without the head..

    Let’s join in the petition!!!

  34. Yon says:

    I just realized that the petition, we need to have an account with daum.. Wonder if 1N2D international forum is setting 1 petition for it as well?

  35. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry to say this but filming 1n2d is very hard. That means he had to leave his family. Maybe he want to concentrate on having more time w his kid n wife. If kang hong ding does leave, the staff mine as well create season two w totally new cast, but we know how that can turn out ( reference to fo2) 1n2d without khd is impossible, even though other member want to stay. It will be just something missing.

    • myseunggiya says:

      yes. but KHD knows about it. he even said not to let personal life affect your work. he proves that during the time his wife gave birth to their son. no matter how much he wants to go and be with his wife, he stayed for the sake of filming, i even felt bad about it but admire him more for his dedication.
      if they were to create a new season, with the new cast? it’s like this people would have to fill in such a BIG SPACE. i don’t think that’s possible.
      and yes, 1N2D without Mr. Kang Ho Dong, is like a robot without battery, it won’t work.

      • april says:

        Yes, I remember tht episode in the train. He was being updated about his wife’s progress via mobile phone. At one point he was speaking with his wife in labour and suddenly handed the phone over to Seunggi to get him to cheer his wife up!! LOL His wife is a fan of Seunggi….Poor Seunggi was flabbergasted and was at loss for words momentarily…wondering how the heck to cheer up a woman in labour…& he looked blankly at KHD lol!! KHD told lSG to tell his wife to give him a son just like Seunggi!! Seunggi akwardly relayed the message and added that KHD sshi told him to say so….lol!!

      • myseunggiya says:

        right and one funny part was, while seunggi-ya was still talking to hodong’s wife, she suddenly hangs up, because of another contraction! lol

  36. joenjohana says:

    He can’t leave his younger brothers…please! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  37. Ay says:

    Thanks tryp for all the latest updates. You must be staying up till wee hours or getting up super-early to do this. Or, did you not sleep because of the news??

    it doesn’t sound good that KBS is not coming right out to deny the news but said they will make an official stance via PR.

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  39. gloss says:

    omg. just a random thought.. the previous episode bout the touching messages to one another.. could they have known by then? i’ve yet to watch it with subs.. but woah, i might just bawl if that’s the case.

    • myseunggiya says:

      what a relief! thank you for the update. i just hope Kang Hodong-ssi or even PD Na will release an official statement to clear things out and put an end to our thoughts.

    • ajewell says:

      I wouldn’t celebrate too quickly – allkpop isn’t exactly a credible news source. They’ve contradicted themselves plenty of times in the past, and in fact, right after this article they released another update that contradicts the rumour stance (update 8). So I won’t believe it until I hear the official word… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • myseunggiya says:

        true. but now KHD acknowledged the possibility of leaving 1N2D. and the questions why and when he’s going to leave is still unknown. but since KHD stated that nothing is confirmed as of yet, there’s still hope. and that once the decision has been made, he’ll inform the people, guess we just have to wait until then.

  40. yeobo says:

    Thank goodness this was not true!!!I just opened my computer and checked for the latest. And it is a relief that the news was only a rumor…Thanks tryp!! Maybe you haven’t got any sleep just to update us..(and I haven’t got a good sleep either, thinking of this!) Now we can be at ease now… Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. Tishi says:

    Let’s all wait for Ho-dong to speak up about it. I don’t trust these PR things anymore. Papa Bear, let’s go and talk!

  42. Audi says:

    I m a day and year too late…thanks tryp for the news. Not a good one for me, anyway my finger cross thing will be better soon.

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  44. 1n2dfanviet says:

    No HoDong not 1N2D

  45. patty says:

    Oh My GOD!!!
    These is really a BAD NEWS…
    I can’t think about what 1n2d without the main MC Hodong ajushii..
    Please keep your word hodong oppa..
    You ever said to seunggi when Kim c leave that seunggi can’t do like that,but why suddenly u did it hodong sshi???

    Pleaseeee let us hear an update good news ..tryp96 thank you for always update..

  46. Anonymous says:

    show got boring after mc mong left anyways. just cancel it.

  47. Anonymous says:

    just an update on this… 1n2d released an official statement…
    They will end in 6 months…


    • Tomato says:

      After reading that article, I’m nearly speechless. 1N2D is the best show I’ve ever watch, not like others variety show, it shows the best places of Korea, the brotherhood, the laughs, the tears,… and even more is true self of members. And this show made me fall in love with Seunggi because you can see his honesty, kindness, delicateness, cuteness,… most in this show.
      Just have 6 months, 24 episodes, this is like the countdown for a bomb…
      I don’t know what the members are feeling right now, sad? empty? They all have busy schedule and this show is the best place for them hang out together. And I’m sure all Airens, all 1N2D’s fans have the same feelings which are hard to describe. You only find out what is important when you lost it…
      But, in the bright side, I think it’s not so bad, we still have 6 months to watch our beloved cute Heodang and his huyngs. After that, Seunggi can concentrate in his career, improve acting skills, release new albums, film more CF and who knows, maybe someday he will reunion with his huyngs in more interesting show.
      Seunggi yah, Hwaiting!!! And Airens will always support you in whatever you do.

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