11.08.28 1N2D Ep 218 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*10 clips so far + SeungGi’s duet song + Ep 218 in HD*

SeungGi: Should I give it a try?

SeungGi joins the mission

SeungGi acting his part

OMG, some fans are hawk-eyed! Can you find SeungGi in this screencap? 😛

baby talk

Did Sung Si Kyung succeed in digging up dirt on SeungGi? 😆

Give me rice!


what to look forward to next week: duet of ‘nostalgia’

Can you find SeungGi in this clip? 😆

viewers tour preview

credit: dclsg

The duet song SeungGi sang: Lee Dong Won – Nostalgia

credit: naragoyo YT

Ep 218

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5 Responses to 11.08.28 1N2D Ep 218 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. sglover says:

    what is the duet song for next week? what is the real song title of who sing it?

    • tryp96 says:

      Yumiko, I already wrote the English translation with the clip above. But if you prefer Korean: 이동원 – 향수

      • sglover says:

        thanks.. i tried to listen to 이동원 – 향수.. i don’t like it.. -_-
        why are they choosing the wrong song? is it because there’s so many 40-60 years old viewer tour?

  2. airenyamyam says:

    I say, no one will not notice Seung Gi even if he dress up like a normal kid..hahaha.. Thanks tryp!

  3. guen says:

    i don’t think so
    almost failure it’s because he put down the cap he’s wearing
    he likely didn’t dare to act as seung gi….
    meaning i think he applied a little bit of acting snob so that he can deny that he’s not seung gi…..
    ha ha ha ha so cool he’s like a look out…ha ha ha ha…very very funny actually…
    and yet so cool…

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