Lee Seung Gi “I Will Be Leaving Strong Heart”

This article was published in the print version of Sports Korea today, but for some reason, it’s not posted online. So I’m not sure what that says about the article’s credibility. But my guess is that it has to do with the ill timing with what’s going on with HoDong.


“I will be leaving Strong Heart”

Lee Seung Gi expressed to the production team his intention to leave at the end of October

Broadcasting station turned upside down… Changes in MC landscape forthcoming


Lee Seung Gi leaving ‘Strong Heart’ “in order to take a bigger leap…”

Strategy to become ‘independent’ seeking overseas advancement and etc… Also influenced by the ending of 1N2D

I’m not going to translate the whole article, since it’s pretty well summarized by the headlines. But it does also mention that the major broadcasting stations are trying to hold onto SeungGi by proposing various programs for him. SBS supposedly is already planning a program for SeungGi to be the sole MC.

source: hankooki
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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22 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “I Will Be Leaving Strong Heart”

  1. Tishi says:

    Gosh. All of it, just up in smokes like this. I do hope the guys change their minds about leaving 1N2D though. It can be a challenge for them to step up and prove that Ho-dong thought them well enough on their own. They’re the tiger cubs he raised after all. And it’s pointless to leave now since the 6-month thing was considered because of Ho-dong. *sigh* Seung-gi, fighting!

    • rumbalumba says:

      yeah i do hope he (or anyone) won’t drop 1N2D. honestly, i’m a bigger fan of the show than Seunggi. Japan advancement is good and all, but some japanese are already sick of koreans. seriously, even my japanese friends are. they said they’re everywhere in korea, even on the biggest tv stations and portal sites.

      if there’s a sudden rush of chinese or european celebrities on my tv i’d be pissed too.

      i just think that they underestimate their abilities. sure, Hodong is 1N2D, but 1N2D is not Hodong alone.

      on the same note, Seunggi might prove himself worthy of the Daesang nomination if he went on to do Strong heart without Hodong.

      and i think, it’s a bigger leap for him to continue 1N2D and Strong Heart without the aid of Hodong, instead of going to Japan. this is his chance to shine brighter, especially Jongmin and Taewoong (hopefully) in 1N2D.

      it also saddens me that everyone is leaving korea for japan. sure, the money is much, much higher, and there’s also the fact that Seunggi’s popularity might not last forever. i remember a few years back, different stars were the superstars but now some of them are reduced to supporting roles, some of them just completely went off the radar, and only a few went on to do greater things, some just maintained their popularity. you can never tell. so i somehow agree on the japan advancement. i mean, Seunggi debuted 8 years ago, but only got to superstardom after 5-6 years. it is definitely faster to fall than to climb.
      i don’t think the ‘Lee Seunggi’ image will translate well overseas. in all honesty, is there even an uhm-chin-ah celebrity in japan? they don’t crave for those things there, like being shy on tv, etc. very different custom.

      also, 1N2D is a weekly show. without 1n2d, we will probably never see this side of Seunggi and the boys ever again. we might be lucky if we saw him and the boys for 1 hour straight in a month.

      anyways, best of luck to them. i just hope Seunggi does a good japanese drama, not those that mimic manga, or too cheesy. i want him to land a good role, or at least a respectable one. look at KARA’s drama in Japan. it was totally laughable in terms of story and everything, all for the sake of japan advancement.

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  3. hishannah says:

    How sad it is, suddenly, his both of his two big works, Strong Heart and 1N2D will just end almost at the same time. But I`m hoping that SBS and KBS will not let him jobless.

    Seunggi-yah fighting! :))

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Hi rumbalumba,
    I am glad you made your position clear in your very first sentence. I come from a different angle – I am for Seung Gi and all else by association only. I will always treasure 1N2D, exactly because of what you said, that it gives me a side of SG not seen anywhere else. I love the brotherly bond among the members too. Unfortunately, with the absence of KHD, that pure feeling is gone. And I don’t think it’s fair to ask the rest of the members to try to come up with something, with tremendous effort, just so they buy more time (and make more money) for K station.
    As for Strong Heart, in my mind, Seung Gi is the biggest star of them all. He should be the featured guest, not the facilitating host (frankly I think that’s a waste of his talent). So I hope the rumor/report is true, that he is finally able to shine, free and unrestricted. This might be the Japanese advancement. But even if he stays mostly in Korea, surely he will have more time and energy to do things he plans to do.
    This is all my personal opinion. I don’t intend to offend anyone.
    SG, fighting!

  5. SL Teh says:

    Whatever you do… Airens will surely support you.
    Seunggi-ya, fighting!

  6. ara says:

    Is this real? I mean I would rather wait from official resources. With Kang Ho Dong temp retirement there’s going to be a lot of rumors that made the news that will effect Seung Gi partly b’coz they work closely together and b’coz both of them are popular, there’s bound to be people who see’s this as an opportunity to sell news. Trust me, it’s going to sell like hotcakes if you know what I mean. Aside from that, I feel sad if Seung Gi leaves either 1n2d or strong heart but maybe it’s for the best. Probably time for Seung Gi to spread his wings. Whatever decision Seung Gi made, I’ll continue to support him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is sad that everything comes to an end so soon. but,career wise it’s about time for Seung Gi to prove that he can make it on his own and take a bigger leap! 1N2D and Strong Heart helped him a lot to improve himself as an entertainer and MC. It is time for Seung Gi to be just Seung Gi not Hodong and Seung Gi or the members and Seung gi.

  8. jn91 says:

    It’s so frustating that news like this coming out endlessly. Hope Hook representative will give us official statement soon.

  9. yon says:

    The previous time when there were rumors about SGi going to leave SH, i’m not surprised if this news is true. It will looks like his 2 main MC jobs will stop within 1-6months time. However, without those 2 variety shows, he can do other things, like: more time to promote his album, more time to venture into Japan market and maybe visiting international fans in their countries(i think this is something that we can be happy about). He can also concentrate doing a drama without any distraction.

    He was given a chance to be an emcee and has proven that he is multi-talented with reporters praising him for his improvement in SH within a year. It will be 2 years that he hosted SH with KHD and i think Hook/SGi might think that it’s time to do something else. Moreover, if anyone of us take note of the rating of SH, it’s like 1N2D, it wasn’t as good as before, so it could be that Hook/SGi feels that he should stop it now. Moreover, it’s obvious that since KHD is temporary leaving the entertainment industry, for SGi to become the main host or to get someone to replace KHD is not a problem, but i guess Hook/SGi might feels that the chemistry will not be there.. moreover, it was reported that SH started with KHD as the main MC, so with the main MC gone, it is just not the same.

    Since 1N2D is going to stop in 6months time and if SBS is really going to come up with a programme with SGi as the main MC, i think SGi should consider about it. He will only need to record the programme and will have the time to do some other stuff(like venturing into japan market), drama and prepare for album..

    But i also have a feeling that he might be preparing himself for army too. Since he will be graduating next March, he might be giving the PDs enough time to come up with another programme to replace SH, so that they won’t get into a panic mode like what is happening now. (I’m not sure how the Korean army notification works, but it looks like some artistes received it just 1-2months before their enlistment).

    No doubt that his popularity in Korea will be affected if he spend too much time in Japan, but this is the norm. Alot of Korean artistes ventured into the Japan market and their popularity in Korea dipped. This is unavoidable. We know that SGi earned alot and it is not the $$ that he is concerned, but i think any artistes will want to venture into other markets and show their talents to others.

    I also think that they might want him to venture overseas first before his army, so that he can stabilise his career not just in Korea, but also in overseas. So i hope that if he stop recording for SH, Hook will also think about his overseas fans who are waiting patiently for his visit to their countries.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Agreed with you. SG has proven his MC ability without a doubt so now is the time to move on. I remember just at the end of last year, when SG was nominated for the big MC award for SH, a lot of people (even his fans) were saying that he was too young, too inexperienced, too junior in ranks, to be given that. Now he is asked to be the sole MC to host the program that bears KHD’s name, as if all those factors had disappeared. I think it is not fair to SG.

      • rumbalumba says:

        i think he’s a good MC, but i think he still can’t do a show alone unlike Hodong and Jaesuk. even Sugeun i feel still can’t carry a show all by himself.

        also, Strong Heart, even though it alludes to Hodong’s last name, does not necessarily mean it is named after Hodong entirely since ‘Kang’ is also a korean word.

        i don’t like how people tell that Seunggi is “moving on” or “it’s time to move on to do greater things”. in all honesty, 1N2D is a powerhouse in Korean variety show history. how can someone “move on” from something so great (not just in terms of viewer’s opinions, but also in revenues earned, ratings, etc.)?

        really, what does “moving on” mean for Seunggi? he’s at the top of the celeb world already with 1N2D and Strong Heart. if by “moving on” you mean do another drama, there’s no guarantee that the drama will be a success. what if the drama flops? will you guys still call it a “moving on” move? i just feel like some of the fans (like LSGFan) want Seunggi to “move on” when in fact “moving on” technically means Seunggi is going on a much better place. i think it’s more of like changing jobs rather than moving on. you can’t really “move on” from 1N2D or Shining Inheritance. advancing to Japan does not make a person any greater. just look at Won Bin and Rain. one only stayed in Korea and did movies like Taegukgi, Mother and The Man from Nowhere, while the other guy went to Hollywood and did Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. but then, who is ‘actually’ greater (not successful, but great)? Won Bin won so many awards for his movies, but Rain did not and his movies even flopped. of course Seunggi has to take risks and everything, but i just don’t like the terms “moving on”. it’s not like Rain “moved on” from Full House and went to do Ninja Assassin (okay, Full House is exponentially better than Ninja Ass). i don’t want it to view as “moving on” but rather “changing gears” i think is a much, much better term. Moving on means you’re leaving something behind. 🙂

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Before all the recent events, I was all for SG to stay in 1N2D, even though the program has put him through a wringer, precisely because of what rumbalumba said: 1N2D is so special that it is in a league of its own, and SG is just perfect for it.

        But things are very different now. KHD has been the head of the 1N2D family, not just in front of the TV but behind the scenes as well. I really don’t see how that void can be filled or even repaired over. When Mong was taken out, 1N2D lost some vital part already. Given the short time frame, can the remaining five make it work without KHD? I strongly doubt it.

        Some opinions seem to be we don’t care the show is good or not as long as we can watch our beloved SG on TV every week. I disagree. Quality is so much more important than quantity. SG has worked so hard to achieve what he is right now; he has every right to choose the right vehicle and the right program to work on. Is the 1N2D now, with all that’s happened, what 1N2D has been or set out to be?

        Strong Heart, on the other hand, is not that different from other variety programs in my mind. (By the way, since I seldom watch any other variety programs, can someone tell me one variety program that’s hosted by one person, alone, no sidekicks at all?) With KHD’s imprints all over it, it’s unfair to ask SG to continue as if nothing had happened, even if they managed to find a co-host AND their chemistry worked.

        So, if SG chooses to leave these two programs, the reasons, and the circumstances, could be VERY different than half a year ago. Then, I could view the choice as ‘one bird in hand is worth two in the bush.’ But now, sadly, the bird in hand is no more.

  10. MmeShahSG says:

    Oh No…no…. seriously, I am a new dedicated fans of Lee Seung Gi who new him from Brilliant Legacy. Within six months, I have so.so…so…. much love for this superstar.. he is my no.1 idol apart from other idols that I have been following so far. Seung gi has so much talent and I salute him for his hardwork, his sincerity in doing the best all the time and above all he loves what he is doing and not because of fame or wealth. He has so much respect for his seniors especially Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seugun. He felt blessed to have working with them. After so many years working together, it must be very painful for him to continue with the show, especially Strong Heart. I believe there is blessings for whatever happened. Seung Gi has built so much confidence to be in an entertainment industry. He is very smart, professional, someone who is so caring and thoughtful towards people around him, I believe whatever decision he made will be the best for him. On a positive note, I have faith in him and admired his capabilities. As long as he is still in the industry (which I hope he will not give up), I will not stop to support him. It is a real challenge for him now and I can only pray that he will continue to soar to a greater heights with his career.

    Seung Gi ssi… please don’t give up. You motivate me to work smart, you entertain me with your beautiful songs and you made me laugh. You are a real GEM!

  11. sarah says:

    I know that SeungGi is doing good on MCing but still I can feel that he’s still not ready.. Its really sad about KHD decision.. Im still shocked and cant even imagine without him on 1n2d and strong heart.. Ah.. This day is so sad.. 😦

  12. cat says:

    i also feel it is not fair for SG to take over as KHD in SH as nobody (be it veterans), can replace anybody. It is not fair to judge SG ability in SH, cos it is not the same without KHD. I would rather SG do a brand new variety show then it will really show his ability. But for 1N2D, SG can continue till Feb as the other members are still on it, & they already establish bondage as brothers since all these years! Let 1N2D fight till the very end! At least, I can still see SG weekly (my own selfish thoughts)… hehe

  13. ashoka says:

    @rumbalumba: Do you think you went too far when comparing SG with them? (I mean Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk – not want to talk about Won Bin, Rain). What a lame comparison! It’s not to mention about the age and professional experiences, just look at their ways of development, you can see that can not compare them to each other. It’s because there is no similar marker at all. SG actives in many areas, we can say SG does well all his roles, but we also recognize that it is not the best (compared to the others in the same field). But anyone can see that SG is completed gradually.
    If a young bird still huddled on the mother bird and he’s not trying to fly alone, when does he can fly? And more, I think SG is not a newly born bird! The 2 years experience hosting on a talk show – as a MC – is never enough, but I think, it’s an experience that is more precious than all other present shows. That’s I just mention about his role as a MC, but in fact SG is also a singer and an actor, his job is not only a MC – as KHD or YJS. And I do not think that SG is not as great as MC YJS or KHD, it doesn’t mean that he can not lead a show as a sole MC. If you do not try to do, how can you see that be impossible?!? Now he is not equal to, but that did not mean never.
    The Rome was only opened the way for those who confront it!
    Anw, whether this is rumor or truth, I will always respect and support any decision of SG.

    • rumbalumba says:

      i only compared Seunggi to Hodong and Jaesuk because last year, the three of them were nominees for the SBS Daesang alongside Lee Gyeonggyu (Hodong’s mentor). that means that SBS deemed Seunggi as having an equal footing against those three. if SBS did not think of Seunggi that way, they could have put Seunggi in the Best Excellence award (kinda like 1st runner-up to the Daesang). again, people here seem to agree that Seunggi can headline his own show, but i beg to differ. if you think about it, only the top MCs headline their own shows. even if Jaesuk and Hodong have co-MCs, they’re the ones that 85-90% of the time do the talking and i do not think Seunggi can do as good as a job as Hodong or Jaesuk. in fact, i’ll say that Sugeun is probably a better MC than Seunggi, but that’s just me.

  14. yon says:

    well, i think whether SGi can do a show as the main mc or not will depends on Hook.

    Just like when SGi first started out in SH, he didn’t believe himself that he could do it.. it’s alot of persuasion from Hook Entertainment and the PDs that he finally accepted the job. And we know SGi well that, once he is given the job, he will put in 200% of his effort to it.

    Let’s not debate whether or not SGi is capable of being the main MC, Captain Hook is a more experienced person than anyone of us here to decide for him, hehe…

    • Tishi says:

      I agree. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions. But we just have to wait though. Saying that Seung-gi isn’t ready to MC on his own is a pretty unfair thing to say. I think he’s the kind of guy who will rise to the occasion and do his best regardless. That’s the main reason why I hope the guys would not to quit 1N2D. Ho-dong has been with them and has taught them so much over the years, it’s time to make him proud and do well.

      Although I hope the agency don’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Last time Hook decided for him, it just made people more alarmed, and when they finally spoke up, it turns out that they haven’t thought of what Seung-gi felt regarding the issue. Regardless of anything they decide, I just hope Seung-gi will be happy doing what he’ll do in the future.

  15. steph says:

    i don’t agree that Seunggi is not ready to host his own show in terms of his hosting skills. i just think that he functions well as an MC if he’s doing it with someone else. and some shows like strong heart should do better with MCs more than one.

    i can’t imagine not seeing seunggi on tv weekly!!! i just hope whatever happens, he keeps his presence onscreen.

  16. arina says:

    As a fan i wish seunggi all the best (im not worried abt his future..he is a smart person..he even went to graduate school!) but as a truly fan of 1n2d,Im really sad that im not goin to get to see him and his brothers after six months n even worse now that hodong is also not around . Honestly speaking, they get so much unconditional and honest love from ppl in and outside Korea from that show..which can also be a burden as well as a blessing… Even tho Seunggi can soar without his brothers but it wont be in the same beautiful sky of 1n2d…

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