The Aftermath of Kang Ho Dong’s (Temporary) Retirement

Looks like the reporters are back and well rested from the Chuseok holiday, and now they are ready to fuel all kinds of wild speculations…

All the major broadcasting stations are in a crisis mode because they’re having difficulties finding a replacement for HoDong. HoDong had 4 variety programs on his hands when he announced his retirement, and these programs’ average ratings totaled up to 60%. All of his programs (except Strong Heart) had lasted over 4 years. 1N2D is of course the highest rated show on KBS, and Strong Heart is usually the highest rated show on SBS. Knee Drop Guru is second only to Infinite Challenge on MBC. This just goes to show what a vital role HoDong plays in the entertainment industry.

One article reports that there’s a good possibility that 1N2D will be terminated earlier than planned. PD Na supposedly has told the reporter that there isn’t any specific discussion yet over the future plans, like whether to end the show early or to find a new member. They will shoot next weekend (9/23) as scheduled, but they don’t know yet whether HoDong will join them for a farewell episode. He says the other members will work their hardest even without HoDong, and it’s really premature to say whether the program will end early.

But some people in the broadcast circles are saying that the reason 1N2D was going to continue until February was because the other members wanted to end the show together with HoDong. So now that HoDong is gone, there’s no reason for 1N2D to go on until February. The possibility of the show starting and ending with HoDong is very high.

Someone from SBS says that it’s just impossible to find someone to replace HoDong. But Strong Heart actually accounts for about 90% of SBS variety shows’ advertising sales. So it will be hard for them to just end the show. SBS is asking for SeungGi’s understanding, and hoping that he can host the show by himself.


Source: khan, isplus
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12 Responses to The Aftermath of Kang Ho Dong’s (Temporary) Retirement

  1. Anonymous says:

    aww man, seung gi’s gonna lead strong heart by himself? i know he’s gonna feel burdened, cuz his hyung isn’t with him….people might compare the show now to what it was before….
    ahhh ho dong oppa….why’d ya have to leave so soon? 😦

  2. kaja_lsg says:

    oh men…it’s really a burden to Seunggi…but i believe he can still make it.:) He do his best in everything.

  3. Yon says:

    I can imagine Seung Gi feeling burdened if he really host SH alone. They can get Boom or Lee Teuk to co-host with him. At least with another person sharing the burden with him, it will not be so taxing.

    • rumbalumba says:

      that’s what i’m suggesting. since Boom is back, they should just make him a co-MC with Seunggi. it’s going to probably be awkward at first, but Seunggi (and Boom) has to start somewhere with their own without relying on Hodong (Boom is also in Star King i think). same with the 1N2D boys (btw, i just love how people refer to them as ‘boys’ instead of men or guys lol). they need to come out on their own. i personally think it’s time for Sugeun to rise up to the occasion and prove to everyone what he’s capable of after the past 3 years he’s been the nation’s gagman. Jiwon and Seunggi, i think, have contributed the most after MC Mong’s departure. Sugeun has always been his usual self, but Jiwon and Seunggi stepped their game up during the late 2010-2011 episodes.

      and this is the time for Jongmin to really gain that confidence and move up a notch. he’s been resting for too long. Taewoong had his moments at first, but he’s seriously turning into a hybrid between Seunggi and Jongmin (quiet but well-mannered). probably because we’ve had soooo many specials after Taewoong joined so there’s not really an episode where he can focus on his performance because of the guests. i’m hoping that Taewoong would also step up a notch. i have confidence on the 3 guys, but not so much on Jongmin and Taewoong. they’re just too quiet. Kim C was quiet, but he was random and hilarious! hahaa. Jongmin is just playing it safe. he doesn’t want to get criticized for saying some nasty, mischievous things so he just stays put and just nods his head every time. he does not even complain. wtf. and i said ‘wtf’ because 2011 Jongmin is a total contrast during the first few dozens of 1N2D eps of 2007 Jongmin. it;s like he’s not the same person at all.

      back to Strong Heart, i feel that this will be a huge undertaking, but it would make Seunggi look bad if he were to quit doing SH. the jobs of his fellow entertainers and staff are on the line. it’s not like SH will just leave him alone, of course the whole SH staff and casts also feel the burden and will try to alleviate the pressure from Seunggi. i’m betting they will put Boom as a co-MC, or probably Boom and Lee Teuk with Seunggi. it may seem unlikely, but they might also change SH’s format to more like a Happy Together/WinWin where the set is more intimate rather than a huge studio.

  4. ay says:

    Regardless of what will happen, things will not be the same again and in a way, I am saddened by it. But then, people move on and so does Seung gi, Suguen, Hodong…etc. I have faith in Seung gi that whatever he decides, it will be the best for him, the show, the fans and his colleagues. And I will support him no matter what he chooses.

  5. gloss says:

    i hope seung gi wont feel too burdened and stressed bout hosting strong heart himself cos i believe he’s capable of doing so. i wouldnt want him to start losing hair again cos of the stress. but he’s a good mc and i hope ppl wouldnt compare strong heart with him mc-ing alone and with that when hodong was around.

  6. Anonymous says:

    HD is a great MC. For SH, maybe they will find somebody to help Seunggi out, then Seunggi can grow up as an independent MC without HD’s coach.

  7. Anonymous says:

    HD is a great MC in SH. Hope they can find somebody to help SG out, so he can grow up as an independent MC without HD’s coach.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to post twice. Wish the best to SG.

  9. Tishi says:

    What a burden to Seung-gi this is. But being level-headed, I know he’ll make the decision which will be better for all. Strong Heart is one-half Seung-gi and one-half Ho-dong. I have faith that should he decide to stay and MC, he can do well. I know the others won’t compare to Ho-dong, but Seung-gi’s leadership will be crucial in the next recordings to come. Lee Teuk and Boom would be perfect co-hosts, though I wouldn’t rely too much on Teukie since he’ll most likely enlist soon.

    But mostly, I’m more concerned about how Seung-gi is taking all of this. I would think it pains him to see his hyung be tainted by rabid netizens and reporters. There are big decisions that he must do, and on top of that, he still has to prepare for his comeback. I just hope he’s okay.

  10. Boo Jia Min says:

    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!
    We will support you all the way!!!

  11. steph says:

    i know it’s sad that we have to see KHD go but i’m actually excited to see what’s next!!! lee seung gi isn’t the emperor for nothing! i’m pretty sure he’ll step up no matter what happens next. i think it’ll be fun if boom co-hosted strong heart with him.

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