11.10.02 1N2D Ep 223 Text Preview

The most bountiful harvest season in Korea, fall!
Going to 5-day markets to experience the generosity in the countryside!

As usual, members gathering at the crack of dawn!
But… who is standing in the middle?
Going on the first trip without the oldest hyung!
Even though the hole is big, everyone promises to do his best…
Now let’s decide on the ‘center position’!
Hyung nim first~ Little brother first~ Members yielding to each other!
So who will be the leader of today’s trip?

The theme of the first trip of 5 people?
Special 5-day market tour all over the country to welcome fall!
From Chungcheong-do, Gangwon-do, Gyeongsang-do, all the way to Jeolla-do!
Departing for 5 5-day markets that have all the grains and fruits in Korea~
Mission! Buy the most common item that’s found in all the 5-day markets and the most special item that’s unique only to this market!
If you succeed, we’ll present you with the highest quality red pepper powder from Goesan to welcome the kimchi-making season!
If you fail, we’ll take you to a quick review tour of a 5-day market in another region the next day!

So where is the 5-day market I’m going to?
It’s decided by brain respiration gymnastics that will wake up left-brains and right-brains! [?!]
It’s a game that anyone thinks s/he can do but turns out to be difficult!
Clench the left hand, pat the right hand and fold the fingers in order! [?]
But, accomplishing the mission with just one try, the best brain of 1N2D appears!
So, that person’s identity is?

It has everything except nothing~
Exciting sightseeing of 3, 8, 5-day markets!
Doughnuts, rice puffs, gukbap etc, full of things to eat and watch~
Putting aside the mission~ Members are fascinated by the 5-day markets scenery they haven’t seen in a long time!
So, will the heart-to-heart mission succeed?

The representative manual labor variety of Korea, 1N2D!
As always, not using our heads! Not sparing our bodies!
We’ll keep working hard!

source: kbs 1n2d
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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3 Responses to 11.10.02 1N2D Ep 223 Text Preview

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the translation. I wonder if Seung Gi failed his mission and had to go to another market the next day. The two last lines “As always, not using our heads! Not sparing our bodies!
    We’ll keep working hard!” reminds me of Seung Gi’s shout out in Gwanmaedo after running to the ocean.

  2. sarah says:

    Wah!im so excited to watch this.. Too baf we’re waiting for kbs world air time and its 2weeks delay of the latest ep.. We’re still on ep 219 the viewers tour special..ah its killing me to wait..but there’s nothing else I can do..
    Thanks for sharing Tryp!:) happy weekend for you!^^

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