11.10.02 1N2D Ep 223 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*14 clips so far + HD link of Ep 223*

A good start

brain grame


SeungGi socks? Sold out!

The prince of marketplace

An unexpected encounter

So nice to see you!

SeungGi’s gifts for village chief’s son’s wedding last year

The story of SeungGi’s hair

Here are some screencaps of the adorable SeungGi playing the brain game:






SeungGi’s ajumma fan

next week’s preview

Last, but not least: SeungGi’s Astro Boy hair!

6-year-old fan boy

PD Na getting in VJ’s way

credit: dclsg

EP 223 (Sorry for the delay, but I guess third time is the charm!)

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41 Responses to 11.10.02 1N2D Ep 223 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. samantha says:

    thank you so much tryp for these clips….

  2. Mabelle says:

    Tryp, you really are so fast and we really really like it.. 🙂 Thanks so much chingu…
    I watched this epi and I was really impressed and so proud of them. They gave their best and… I like Seunggi’s shoes hahaha…

  3. Amy says:

    This ep is very good, really, everyone were trying all their best, good job ilbak boys 🙂
    LOL Astroboy Seunggi part , very creative hairstylist Choding, love Ding-Dang couple 😀
    Thanks tryp and other Airens for hardworking all the time, love you guys.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Still miss KHD unique voice for the opening.. guys sure trying hard, even LSG is taking up the role of a comedian getting his hair dolled by EJW.. stay cool guys.. will see you through Feb 2012

  5. Anonymous says:

    Still miss KHD unique voice for the opening… Guys trying hard.. even idol LSG turns into a comedian to get his hair dolled by EJW … Will see you guys through till Feb 2012

  6. i’m sure they r really nervous starting the show without KHD, but still show must go on baby~~!!!

  7. SilentTouch says:

    Anyone know what meaning of words that are write on the signboard where Ji Won washed SG hairs there? I wonder what kind of water he used…

  8. SilentTouch says:

    Poor Seung Gi… he sacrified his hairs and image for variety!! Respect you always..

  9. Boo Jia Min says:

    In the last clip “Next week’s preview”, Seung Gi oppa is sooo cute!!!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!! 🙂

  10. AnnMichelle says:

    There are very few people who dare to mess with SG’s hair. It’s a very exclusive club indeed. Love the take-it-for-granted I-am-HYUNG attitude of Jiwon and love the very doubtful but helpless SG squirming under Jiwon’s ‘care’…

    Thanks so much tryp. You had me glued to my computer again!

  11. Boo Jia Min says:

    Hahaha!!! The Astro Boy hair is sooo cute!!!

  12. na says:

    i laughed so hard when i saw him in this astroboy hair…omo..soooo cute…..Jiwon! please become SeungGi’s stylist, please!..haha…just kidding ^^

  13. Anonymous says:

    Astroboy and JW a.k.a. Choding a.k.a. Dooly funny duo!!!

  14. Tonks Perez says:

    Astroboy plus Dolly cracks me up!!!

  15. April says:

    Thank you very much for the latest clips, Tryp. Love them. Cheers!

  16. myseunggiya says:

    You’re really prompt Tryp! Thank you so much!
    I was actually anticipating to see a Seugun-Seunggi team up, but was surprised to see the infamous “prince brothers” having fun playing with SeungGi’s hair. It was nice to let Choding play with Heodang’s hair! Dooly and Astroboy! How cute! haha
    We know how much pressure they have but they managed pretty well! I salute you guys! You made us more proud! Will be with you come February or who knows might be extended? *wishful thinking* But until then, will be with you no matter what! Fighting! ♥

  17. airenyamyam says:

    now I cant take my eyes off of Astro Boy Seung Gi and Dooly Eun Choding!! Im watching it many times now..and still cant stop laughing!hahaha… thanks for this!! 🙂

  18. Dia Haksaeng says:

    so cute heodang-choding couple…seunggi oppa become seunggi onni kkkkkkk

  19. sgsgsg says:

    Thank you tryp.
    They did a good job considering the circumstances.
    I adore his Astro Boy hair style!!

  20. ilove1n2d says:

    thx tryp 4 d vids….many sweet thing in 2day episode
    – d game. thx to PD Na. I try it also but fail…EJW is the master
    – love the interruption by d boy during LSG openg @ d market. Thx to everyone at d market for such an endless love & support to the team esp to LSG
    -Love the scene where LSG eating with PD Na.PD Na really take care of LSG
    -The climax of d day: LSG Hair Make-Over by CIA Agent EJW.Their brotherhood ties is so sweet.at least now we know there’s someone in 1n2d team care about LSG Hair although he transform his hair into unique hairstyle…so sweet.. the scene will be a headline for sure

  21. leyzlie says:

    wah.. i so love astroboy and choding.. looking forward to this episode and to the upcoming episodes… sure there are lots of twists coming.. keep moving forward ^_^

  22. guen says:

    the guys go crazier …..super lovin it….

  23. heppee says:

    omg!! rofl @ the astroboy image! LOL i love cho-ding playing with seunggi, they r so funny even though i don’t understand a word!

  24. aNNe says:

    Still feel a tad sad that Hodong is missing… Love the whole cast. But everyone is so professional & totally trying their best! Seunggi & Ji won again cheered us up with sg’s hilarious astro hairstyle! Think it’s a small scarifice on sg’s part for laughs. 🙂 He has really matured to put variety above image. Proud o him!

  25. N says:

    haha even jiwon thought seunggi’s hair looked weird in the first day lol

  26. Anonymous says:

    Their all performance really impressed me especially Seung Gi hyung. I can see his changed in this episode. Now i can’t wait for tomorrow Strong Heart’s broadcast. Exciting…

  27. jn91 says:

    LOL, thank you so much tryp! I laughed so hard at choding dooly and hodang astro! 😀

  28. Dimples says:

    Thanks a lot, Tryp. 🙂
    I love SeungGi’s reaction to the village chief and his wife…it’s sooo heartwarming. 🙂 How can anyone not love this young man? Hairstylist Choding a.k.a. Dooly and hairstyle model Hoedang a.k.a. Astroboy crack me up! 🙂 The “6th member” PD Na, eating with SG is so funny. Oh boy, I just love this show…well, as long as SeungGi’s still a member. 🙂

  29. seunggicharm says:

    the episode is a daebak!hahaha..i solove the astroboy-dooly team!thanks so much tryp!

  30. Anonymous says:

    hi Tryp! there seems to be a problem with the audio in vimeo link… the voices sound unnatural..

    • tryp96 says:

      Yeah, vimeo is just trying to drive me crazy today. There was nothing wrong with the source file. I’ll have to try again. 😦

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks by the way! I’ll be waiting for it. I seem to have a problem viewing using tuduo link..

  31. April says:

    The video is good now, audio and all. Thanks a bunch!

  32. mmeshahsg says:

    The way the Village Chief held Seung Gi’s cheeks…. it’s so cool. A great team work from all of the members. I enjoyed every minute of the show. With super efficient Tryp…. it’s so fun that we can watch these videos again…
    Thanks heaps Tryp 🙂

  33. marj says:

    in the 5th video, seung gi looked like he was some election candidate campaigning for himself in the market..hehe..for sure if that was the case, he would definitely win..

  34. Nin says:

    Hi tryp! I want to know if I could activate subtitles in these videos? Thank you!

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