11.10.02 1N2D Ep 223 Edited Scenes – Lee Seung Gi

PD Na, please hire a better editor!

During the opening, the members actually played one more brain game. By description, it seems to be the game mentioned in the text preview. SeungGi won 1st place in that game, that’s why he was the 3rd person to pick a 5-day market.

On the way to Gurye, SeungGi kept practicing the 1st brain game in the car.
PD Na told him that he wouldn’t be able to do it even if he practiced all the way to Gurye, which totally stimulated SeungGi’s competitive spirit.
So SeungGi waged a bet with PD Na.
If SeungGi won, he could make PD Na do anything during the day.
If PD Na won, he would set up a rubber basin and SeungGi would have to act out a bathing scene like those actresses in Sageuk… 😆
So SeungGi imitated pouring water over his shoulder… Totally cute!
SeungGi also joked that if they had to it, they had to do it properly, with candlelight set up on the side and everything.

SeungGi practiced very hard and then fell asleep.
He even had all kinds of sleep poses. But eventually, he lay down on the seat to sleep.
Then SeungGi was woken up at a rest area.
He played the brain game again, and succeeded with just one try.
Poor SeungGi was probably just too tired in the morning and needed some rest.
SeungGi teased PD Na and said, “Ah, but I really wanted to take a bath.” 😆
But he was so excited that he won, and was so cute.
[But how many people are disappointed that SeungGi won? :P]

There were a lot of scenes at the market that were also edited out.
An ajumma selling donuts gave SeungGi a twisted bread stick to try. SeungGi said it was the most delicious donut he had ever tasted, and then bought 1000 won worth of it.

Source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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9 Responses to 11.10.02 1N2D Ep 223 Edited Scenes – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Tishi says:

    Me? I think I’m disappointed… Hahaha! Though Diva Na being Seung-gi’s slave is probably a sight to see, too. I hope he didn’t waste the wish and get him to do something silly and totally beneficial to the five of them. Thanks for this, Tryp. I hope they show the edited scenes for this episode’s continuation. Any chances they’ll do that?

  2. SilentTouch says:

    i can understand that 1n2d production team was trying to keep all members in equally air time. But it’s unfortunately and wasteful that uri SeungGi was keep to make some funny things in the show but nobody able to see it.
    Thanks Tryp!! You did a great job so we’re able to know this.

  3. Michelle Tang says:

    thanks tryp!! hope this will be shown in next week 2D1N!!!

  4. sam says:

    dagnabbit, i wanna see that!!!!!

  5. sarah says:

    Wah!!they really should hire a new one.. So it means that we cant watch this one..?! 😦

  6. seunggicharm says:

    whoa! I’m disappointed about it too!hahaha..it would be every woman’s dream to see him on that scene!lolz…but yeah..having NA PD do whatever he wants is cool too..let’s hope Seung Gi will come up with something that would make NA PD regret he ever messed up with Seung Gi.hah!can’t wait..yeah,i really hope they would show us the edited parts…I agree with you tryp!hire a new editor!
    thanks for this tryp!

  7. PS says:

    I’m disappointed too.. There should be been great parts on LSG..
    Heehee…. It would be a wonderful dream if we do get to see Seung Gi on that scene..
    BUT i doubt that we will get to see NA PD to fulfil Seung Gi’s wish since the beting had been editted. Do hope that Seung Gi would make use of that wish so that NA PD would know that result of messing with our Seung Gi..

  8. heppee says:

    sorry if i seem stupid for asking.. but how do you know if it is edited out? i mean.. you saw this somewhere right? >.< i'm confused..

    • tryp96 says:

      Some lucky fans get to attend the dubbing sessions for 1n2d. That’s where they saw the footage that did not make it to the final edited version.

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