Lee Seung Gi & 1N2D Effect

Remember the hand-pulled jjajangmyun shop where SeungGi ate and also met the village chief in yesterday’s 1n2d broadcast? Well, here are 2 pictures taken today. Just look at the line!

credit: dclsg

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4 Responses to Lee Seung Gi & 1N2D Effect

  1. seunggicharm says:

    wow!1n2d is really a great show! they’re helping these people to get more customers…hahaha…thanks tryp!

  2. Shade says:

    Well, they did have one top notch endorser. ^_^

    Though I’m a bit wary about the store: look at that propane gas tank to the right next to where the little girl is, and with the lady almost stepping on the hose. With the flames from the stoves, one wrong move and kaboom.

  3. ilove1n2d says:

    its awesome…no need huge amount of money to promote the shop..just invite 1n2d member to eat there

  4. mmeshahsg says:

    Seung Gi has a GOLDEN touch! Where ever he goes… crowds will follow. That’s how powerful he is.

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