Representative MCs leading entertainment programs after Kang Ho Dong’s retirement

To help predict the changes in the MC industry in the ‘post Kang Ho Dong’ era, experts were asked to evaluate 10 main MCs of variety programs on a 10-point scale.

#1 Yoo Jae Suk

#2 Lee Su Geun

#3 Lee Kyung Kyu, Shin Dong Yup, Lee Seung Gi

#6 Park Mi Sun, Lee Hwi Jae

#8 Nam Hee Suk

#9 Kim Guk Jin

#10 Kim Yong Man

Experts gave Lee Seung Gi, who is hosting SBS Strong Heart by himself, favorable reviews, “He has plenty of potential to be the representative new generation MC.” On the other hand, they also questioned whether he could concentrate on emceeing with his other activities in singing and acting etc.

Strengths: Good image, high potential for growth

Weaknesses: youth and good looks more than talent, reliance on unpredictability [? I have no idea what they’re talking about here]

source: donga
English translation/summary:
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25 Responses to Representative MCs leading entertainment programs after Kang Ho Dong’s retirement

  1. Tishi says:

    Wow! To be ranked the same with Lee Gyeong-gyu, Ho-dong’s mentor, is just really daebak. Although, really looks than talent? Who said so? Tsk tsk tsk. I DISAGREE!

    • rumbalumba says:

      compared to the other guys in the list, i don’t think he’s as funny as them. remember everyone in the list is a comedian. he can be funny and witty but i’d take Sugeun or Jaesuk over Seunggi. i think he still lacks things to be considered an MC equivalent to the other guys just because the other guys not only have more experience, but are trained gagmen. thinking about it, he only debuted in 2009 as a host. his Love Letter and Xman gigs are scripted as well. he vastly improved through 1N2D because you need to improvise since there’s no scripted jokes or anything. again, 1N2D took risks by taking Seunggi, Mong, Kim C and Jiwon (they took singers instead of gagmen) and making them do variety.

      i think what they meant by ‘reliance on unpredictability’ is because Seunggi could do ad-libs and all, but he still could not produce a funny scene, at least in a talk show. i think they mean that Seunggi bouncess off his ideas by things that go off-the-rails or things that do not go with where they’re supposed to go. on the other hand, Sugeun and Jaesuk can make jokes out of the blue from their own minds. just look at 1N2D. Sugeun always says something funny even if he’s just sitting inside a van. Seunggi, on the other hand, becomes funnier when accidents happen. i always notice that. him and Jiwon are totally like that. one example is when they went to Mt. Jiri and Seunggi sent Sugeun (who was still hiking) a picture of his dinner just to annoy him. Seunggi thought that Sugeun’s reaction would probably fit for the broadcast. but then Sugeun replies by sending Seunggi a picture of him eating a dried pine cone. lol. im not hating on Seunggi, im just sharing my thoughts through my own observations. i think people agree with me as well, if you look at it objectively.

      • nomoyepo says:

        poor dios poor santo,just watch tonight and be back tomorrow to complain Seung gi’s ability to host alone.past and present is not the same. sorry tryp for my comment.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        I agree with you on SG relying on unpredictability (or spontaneity). SG is very quick-witted to react (and his reactions are often off-beat which add to the fun), but he has yet to master the art of creating situations. On this, KHD is the master. Sugeun is getting there but not quite yet. Your example of Sugeun sending back a funny retort was in fact his reacting to a situation created by, guess who, Seung Gi.

        What do you think of Sugeun’s performance in this latest 1N2D? I was surprised that he did not pick up more KHD stuff, especially in group setting (one would think Segeun is the heir apparent since he IS a gagman). This shows you beside the main MC, the three (SG, Sugeun, and JW) are really on equal footing in hosting 1N2D. You find Sugeun’s jokes funny but I also enjoy SG’s off-beat comments (such as the head of the household stuff while flying to Jeju or suggesting a physician visit for JM) and the unintentional slapstick (too many examples to cite).

      • rumbalumba says:

        Sugeun was particulary funny during the opening. him doing the bow alone, teasing Taewoong, etc. and LOL at that part where he asked Taewoong to pick the city first (because he’s the hyung) and Taewoong was like “really?” lol biting the trap. Jongmin was trying too hard doing the hand coordination game i didn’t find it funny at all. in terms of interacting with people, Sugeun is the best. probably because he has that aura of a hardworking country boy (well, he’s from the countryside). Taewoong and Seunggi also did a great job. Seunggi i feel is not as natural as Taewoong or Sugeun in the episode probably because the market is a new thing for him and he’s curious and does not know some of the food, while Sugeun is like, “omg this is here..” and Taewoong too (i heard he grew up in a poor family). Jiwon was just plain awkward lol being the rich kid that he is. they’re not bad, but some just goes well with crowds. Seunggi and Jiwon were like the center of attention but Sugeun and Taewoong were one with the crowd and lol at the 1N2D socks.

        all the boys have their strengths and weaknesses that’s why they complement each other. performance-wise, they all vary. i’d take Seunggi on a quiz game but i’d take Sugeun to do charades. i think Taewoong stepped it up a notch, and i guess all the other boys felt the pressure as well. during the past ep, Sugeun had some Hodong qualities in him. i remember him asking the ahjumma fan to send a video message to Jiwon, or him just approaching people instead of people approaching him or him introducing the dough guy as a Master of dough-making for 16 years a la Gag Concert’s Master (Kim Byeongman). he also struck the perfect balance of introducing things and saying/doing something funny. on the other hand, i believe they all have equal footing on the show. no one is better than the other since they excel at different things. BUT i am sorely disappointed with Jongmin. there’s an endearing scene where the ahjumma says it’s oaky not to pay her for the meal and they go back and forth, but other than that he just tries too hard to be funny. dude, just be natural.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        rumbalumba, I enjoy our discussion but think I’d better make it short so as not to irritate more people. One thing not specified in the MC qualifications is charisma, or, in plain speaking, if a person can hold your attention even if he is, say, just brushing his teeth. In this regards, SG is no doubt the champion. JW has some. Sugeun, in his uncle-next-door way, also has some. Curiously, I find TW almost has none. He is just so bland. Remember him grooming in one ep? I’d rather watch SG tying shoelace any day! All in all, SG’s quality makes him a very unusual and rare MC. Whether or not he should embark on this career path more seriously is another subject.

  2. Dia Haksaeng says:

    what’s that mean an mc must be not good looking? so strange…

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    I think the comment “youth and good looks more than [emceeing] talent” are comparing those on a relative scale. I suspect, as I am not familiar with many other names there, SG is the youngest and most handsome among the ten evaluated.

    Another more relevant question might be this. What future project do you want SG to work on: a drama, a CD, or a show? If only one choice is allowed, I know what my answer would be.

  4. saranghe_guen says:

    I think it’s more like the audience will be looking more on his face rather focusing on the topic….
    he he he he he…coz he is really good looking no doubt about it……

  5. seunggicharm says:

    What’s wrong with having good looks?does it mean having good looks is part of a person’s weakness?i don’t get it..lolz…
    anyway,i guess it’s different with Seung Gi..he’s got the looks and he’s rich in talent too..=)

  6. ashoka says:

    “good looks more than talent???” *Laugh* But I can understand a little, maybe it’s because from the start, whichever show Seung Gi hosts (or joins), that show always has high rating.
    But, I think it’s also because they bias against who MC has a good looks. We can see, in real, even from the past to the present, and not only on the K-biz but also other countries’ showbiz, there’s no MC (I meant “real MC”) having a very good looks, and very young like our Seung Gi. Haha.
    And “reliance on unpredictability”? I think it’s also another one-sided sights! Are they base on the phrase “to know everything is to know nothing”?!? Is it because Seung Gi actives in many different fields, so they think Seung Gi will not do with all his heart??? Please, look at whats Seung Gi has been doing!!!
    I’m waiting for the day (I think it’s not far ^^) they’ll realize their one-sided sights, that Seung Gi is an only exception! A handsome and real talent MC Lee Seung Gi!
    Except these, I’m very happy and proud of MC Seung Gi when he has the point not far to the top MC Yoo Jae Suk, although our Seung Gi is very very young at age and experience ^^

  7. Tishi says:

    Totally out of context since this is a Seung-gi blog, but I don’t find anything wrong with Jongmin paying for his meal. You know the guys always pay for what the people give them, one way or the other. I don’t find giving payment for meals trying too hard. Maybe Jongmin IS trying to hard in other things, but he’s always been that way. He’s a force to reckon with, doing things first before thinking. I dunno why, but you’re example isn’t really spot on. But hey, each to his own.

  8. na says:

    come on pp….just wait n see!
    lol at these weaknesses…yes! he’s (very very) good looking..n yes he’s (so) young but that don’t mean less talent…
    i don’t want to prase him so much (which i always do ^ ^=)…..not cause he isn’t…just love to see how everybody appreciate his dedication
    n i’m happy when seeing him in there with MC Yoo Jae Suk, MC Lee Kyung Kyu n another MC…

  9. torrtis says:

    IMHO, rather than train to be a Nation MC, he should focus more time on building his skill in acting (dramas & movies), and making great albums. Plus complete his masters, improve his English, Japanese and maybe pick up Chinese while advancing overseas. That’s better for his career in the long run. I feel that being a good MC requires more life experiences (military service, dating, marriage, overseas work etc.) to better connect with the audiences and guests, which of course he lacks due to his young age and overly busy schedule.

  10. Tonks Perez says:

    I`m just proud and happy that he is seated amongst the best MC in the industry…that is saying a lot him being young and has other activities in his belt….

    Yes, he may lack things in other areas but we know for a fact that he works hard to compensate on that, to better his craft may it be acting, singing and MCing….he knows he has to learn a lot of things and that is one of his best trait…being humble and working with diligence…

    I know that no matter what path he takes we will support him all the way….

  11. Audi says:

    It is no surprise one day…. SeungGi will MCing heavy stuff as e David letterman, pier Morgan..Larry king etc.. say that I not dreaming…but who knew.

  12. sam says:

    I think he’d do great in everything he sets his mind to do. His youth, looks and intelligence are his advantages as a person constantly in the spotlight . However, while i think him MCeeing is a great milestone and him being the youngest MC in Korea, I think he should be given more opportunity to concentrate more on his singing and acting. I think that’s what he really wants to do anyway since last year. he stayed because of loyalty and the ties with KHD and the rest of the guys at 1n2d. He’s got great potential, has shown how workaholic he was in every given task and he has proven a lot. Let him prove himself a little more MCeeing SH, then perhaps later, move on with his career in singing and acting. I agree with torrtis. There are still a lot he can do and would do. till then let’s cheer him on, constantly supporting his decisions and calling off detractors whose got nothing better to do but find fault with a guy who is not doing these things to replace KHD, but was left without a choice because of his strong work ethics and loyalty to these shows. besides he wont be doing it if he knows he can’t. Let’s cheer him on guys!!!!

  13. sam says:

    sorry posted twice!!! and now third.. sorry again

  14. ilove1n2d says:

    “Weaknesses: youth and good looks more than talent, reliance on unpredictability ”
    -for me, whatever comment people make on him, i only believe one thing. Now, these people judge him that way, later, they will take back their comment. these people must consider a fact that before this he is co-host with other, he’s the main MC for SH & as for 1n2D, although we got suguen, but the others still do the best. anyway, for someone who is as young as LSG to host such a heavy program, it an honor for him. am sure, he’ll do his best.

  15. yon says:

    i wonder why do they judge him before they see his 1st solo MC on TV. Without watching the 1st episode, their judgement are based on what they saw previously, which is when he co-host with KHD(in SH) & with the rest of the other 4guys(in 1N2D), which is not so right. If being funny means a good MC, i think their criteria is weird..

  16. suzu02 says:

    “good look rather than talent”? lol, this sentence really caught me off guard.. because I have to say that for me SeungGi is more of “talent rather than good look”.. I adore that guy to I-don’t-know-what-point but I don’t find him THAT good looking at all.. Though, he is the best looking guy from all those 10 evaluated..

  17. Anonymous says:

    haha i agree. maybe they singled out the good looking part because that’s what the other older guys dont have apparently. Sorry Sugeun!!!

  18. gloss says:

    woah. good looks than talent? whuttttttt. not true. while i may be bias, haha, he really IS talented. but really, the fact that his potential and talent is recognized and acknowledged and he’s ranked 3rd, i’m glad. (: fighting seung gi ya.

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