11.10.04 Strong Heart Ep 98 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updating… 10 clips so far + HD link of Ep 98*


age difference

Not suitable for people under 19: think of it as red fruit?

SeungGi, good job!

SeungGi dancing

just between us

grasshopper dance

I’m the most unexpected!


next week’s preview

credit: dclsg


Ep 98

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26 Responses to 11.10.04 Strong Heart Ep 98 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. babe says:

    i know the rating won’t do well..
    Seunggi mc it’s okay;;

    • Amy says:

      Why are you say that ??? You sound like a person named YUMIKO or you’re s/he?
      With me, the rating isn’t that important. Everyone has brain know he gave his all to contribute to the show. He doesn’t have to do that but with a responsible person like him, he sacrificed himself, have brave emceeing alone, encounter 10 guest in hours. Can you do 1% like him? If not, PLEASE keep silent.
      If you love, no, just like him, you can say these rude words. That proves you know nothing about him.
      And about rating, wait to tomorrow, whether it’s good or bad, Airens always support him. But why you said you know the rating wouldn’t do well? Are you a psychic? So why don’t you know this ridiculous comment will be multi – rate down and irritate true Airens

    • Keep silent please !

    • princess says:

      Wah, don’t you read the news? SH yesterday’s episode gained 11,8%, compare to last week episode 11,1%. Though it’s just a slight increase but still, we have to appreciate Seung Gi and SH. And all news that i read today, praising his capability as young MC 🙂

    • myseunggiya says:

      So what with the ratings? They’re just numbers. SeungGi-ya you know Airens are here for you. Fighting!

      • Mabelle says:

        I agree with you dear. Me, I don’t care about the ratings, it doesn’t matter as long as we know that he did his best and gave all his strength to be cheerful and make the show lively despite the fact that he has no complete rest right? So, please don’t be so conscious about the ratings, whether the show got the highest or the lowest rating, it’s not that important okay? If we really love Lee Seunggi, we need to support him all the way. Fighting! Lee Shim Jang..!

    • seunggicharm says:

      what’s up with the figures?the important thing is that people loved him even more with the hard work he did for the show…regardless of the ratings,people have already stated that they enjoyed the show and liked how Seung Gi did well…
      Seung Gi-ya..we support you all the way..

  2. zoory says:

    Sung hi is the best and he is the king of rating in any show. We will support him forever. Thank you tryp for your hard work.

  3. zoory says:

    I mean lee sung go , sorry

  4. zoory says:

    Lee sung gi , sorry again .
    I am tapping from my phone.

  5. Boo Jia Min says:

    He was rather nervous and tense at the beginning hence a little bit awkward at first… but after some times, he loosen up and the show became smooth and funny!!!
    Seung Gi oppa, you always never fall under our expectations!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!! 🙂
    But please take enough rest and always stay healthy and happy!!!
    We are always behind you, supporting you!!!

  6. leigh says:

    i did not understand any word they are talking about. But judging from the reactions of the guest i think Seungi did well… hope to have english translation of the whole talk

  7. Jebo says:

    I’m so proud of him. Seunggi oppa, you did great! Hwaiting!

  8. sam says:

    what?? what were they saying?? arggh. oh i hope the reviews are good!!!! thx for posting these!!! a smidgen of recap will be great!!!1

  9. yon says:

    i was watching live streaming last night, but because of the medicine i took which makes me drowsy, i have to stop half way..

    Seung Gi looks a bit nervous in the beginning, that is natural and nothing wrong with it. Most shows have a co-host, but for him, he is standing alone.. when you are so used to someone standing besides you, and when the time comes when you have to stand alone, you have to learn to adjust to it which is not easy. Seung Gi has always been the 2nd MC whom he always let HD leads the show. Now that he has to do the leading alone, i have to say, he did a great job. Most of them might been tongue-tied or could not control the guests, but i really think he is doing a good job yesterday.

    The PD mentioned before that the 2nd recording, Seung Gi’s performance was even better, i can see him leading the show comfortably in the 4th or 5th recording by then.

    Seung Gi ah, you are not alone!!!
    Seung Gi ah, Fighting!!!

  10. Seung gi FIGHTING !! WE always support you, you re not alone !!
    Although i can’t watch live streaming last nigh, but i know that you doing everything well !

  11. na says:

    i watched SH yesterday too…uhm…at first..he seemed nervous a little bit…to be honest, i was worried…oh my poor SeungGi >”<…but the more i watched it, the less worried i was…
    in my opinion, he did well…he connected with guest's story as well as made it more attractive n funnier…sometimes he was a little heodang..but i think it's fine..
    about the rating…it can't say everything..so..don't worried baby 😡

  12. myseunggiya says:

    I’ve watched live streaming last night, though I can’t understand any word they were saying, still,
    from their actions you can tell that SeungGi did great (as well as the fixed guests) who put their best foot forward. It’s not easy MC-ing alone, most especially when you’re used to having someone standing right next to you. But inspite of nervousness, pressure and who knows what’s running in his head, he showed everyone what he really got.
    I admire him for his honesty in asking the guest to take good care of him, that if he goes blank the guests can speak up. It was such a heodang moment but then again, out of sincerity he plea to the guests. He was brave and responsible enough to face and handle the show, that alone is something to be thankful for. Never mind of the ratings. They’re just numbers. What matters is that his hard work is appreciated by many and that he’s not alone. Oh, SeungGi may be alone standing there infront of all the guests, but we’re at his back, cheering up for him.

    I can’t wait for the next part of SH. That dancing part I’ve been anticipating since last night! haha

    SeungGi-ya fighting! ♥
    Airens are here for you, always remember that. ^^
    Saranghae ♥

  13. myseunggiya says:

    hi Tryp! thank you so much for the clips. but is there any way we can download the cuts? cause the videos are in private, can’t access in Vimeo.

  14. seunggicharm says:

    thanks so much for the updates tryp!
    are there any other site where we can watch it with sub on the following weeks?coz we can’t access it on viki anymore..thanks so much!

  15. suzu02 says:

    I’m so proud of our SeungGi.. He done well, really well, because I know it’s not easy for him to host a talk show where he used to host with one of his closest hyung alone.. sad, nervous, and everything.. SeungGi ya, hwaiting! Noona will always support you..

  16. Let’s just support him, GUYS! LEESEUNGGI FIGHTING!~

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