1N2D 100th Trip with Professor Yoo Hong Joon ‘Gyeongju Exploration’


OMG, it’s the 100th trip on 1n2d already?!

Yoo Hong Joon (62), the famous author of ‘My Cultural Heritage Exploration’ and a professor in the Art History Department at Myongji University, went on a trip with the KBS 2TV 1 Night 2 Days members.

On October 7, Professor Yoo met the 1N2D members and they went on a trip to Namsan in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is said that Professor Yoo visited the cultural heritage sites at Namsan and kindly explained the history and the value of the heritage sites to the 1N2D members.

Na Young Seok PD explained why he contacted Professor Yoo, “We invited a special guest because it’s 1N2D’s 100th trip. We wanted to make it not just a simple trip of playing and eating, but a meaningful trip where you could see, feel and learn.”

Na PD also said, “Through this exploration trip, we wanted to show something new, that ‘there can be trips like this’. And we wanted to introduce to the viewers through the broadcast and get them to think more about the traditional cultural heritages.”

The 100th trip will be broadcast over 2 weeks starting on October 16.


PD Na said in some other interviews that it was a trip without missions or bokbulboks [which is hard to imagine]. And in the future, guests will be invited on an as-needed basis.

Source: edaily, newsen, starnews
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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Just FYI, this professor is the one sitting next to SeungGi in this fanpic:

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3 Responses to 1N2D 100th Trip with Professor Yoo Hong Joon ‘Gyeongju Exploration’

  1. sam says:

    he looks like Leonard Nimoy in the last Star Trek movie hehehe. Thx for the updates!!!

  2. Tishi says:

    100th trip! WOW! Too bad Ho-dong isn’t here to celebrate it. I can’t imagine the show to not have BokBulBoks, but I think it’s good that the show is delivering on its promise to show things and do things they haven’t and should have done before.

    Can’t wait! Thanks Tryp!

    • seunggicharm says:

      100th trip already?!
      i agree with you..to bad KH’s not there on their 100th trip..and yeah..i hardly can’t imagine an episode without bokbulbok..I really hope it won’t be boring..coz,let’s admit it,we all love bokbulbok and we wanted to see more of the games in the coming episodes..hahaha…

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