SeungGi & 1N2D leave their mark on tourist site

… literally 😆

1N2D climbed the mountain Cheongwansan as part of the morning mission during their Jangheung gourmet tour aired on November 21, 2010. Recently, pictures like these have surfaced. They probably thought a ‘Lee Seung Gi path’ would be a good tourist draw. 😆 I mean, think about the popularity of ‘Lee Seung Gi pond’ and ‘Lee Seung Gi hotteok’ (among many others)!

Of course, let’s not forget about the other members:

Unfortunately, they got the date wrong…

credit: dclsg, cyworld

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10 Responses to SeungGi & 1N2D leave their mark on tourist site

  1. Ezaty says:

    LOLed at the date bit.

  2. kimchi says:

    i wonder if there’s also a sign for lee seung gi pond…hahaha. i literally LOL on that episode. 😀

  3. myseunggiya says:

    you’re fast finding that out! haha great!

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