11.10.11 Strong Heart Ep 99 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*4 clips so far + HD link of Ep 99*

Part I: Hip Hop Boy SeungGi

Part II

Playing innocent? SeungGi the MC who treats variety like homework

You inside my blurry memory (higher quality video)

credit: as labeled, egloos, dclsg


Ep 99

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17 Responses to 11.10.11 Strong Heart Ep 99 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. guen says:

    seung gi so cool even leetuk, eunhyuk and shindong….wow the show is becoming more interesting….i’m liking the changes….

  2. leyzlie says:

    im melting… kyaah.. hiphop hoodie seunggi! it’s really daebak, thanks Tryp ^^

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  4. meuilo says:

    i love this style of dance.!!
    his dancing is good.. i like that type of dance..
    will he be dancing like this in concert?

  5. meuilo says:

    where is the whole video?

  6. Tin of Philippines says:

    OhmyGod! My heart fell. I really love it!!! SeungGi! I was like *speechless*. Thanks!!!! <3__<3

  7. Omo says:

    I want to download that last video. Where can I download it? Please? I’m so inlove with him!

  8. macbonie says:

    SOOooo COOL~!! I’m lovin’ it and I think the look suits him. Seung Gi is making me fall in love with hip hop and hoodies once again… I’m so into hoodies now lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where else can we see LSG colaborate with Suju right? He’s so cute and funny when he’s lying down on the floor… he’s pant almost falling down by his naughty sunbae….

  10. jude says:

    Thanks tryp for the cuts I’ve been waiting for this since last week Seunggi in Hoodie..kekeke
    He’s really conservative..instead he only just showed his boxer yet I can’t help but laugh when they tried to pull Seunggi’s pants. I already knew from the start that Seunggi will not let it happened (show some skin) that’s really impossible for Him to let them see hehehe. he’ll do anything to persuade them even if he’s already rolling or falling on the floor..
    hahaha.. Now im beggining to think how many Airens were hoping to see some skin of Seunggi..kekeke

    I’m thinking again of the six pack from his 2009 Hope concert when he did a dance..w/c really frustrating Hook didn’t release a DVD copy of it 😦

  11. GINA says:

    So so so Great performance!!! Hope to see more of Hip hop Seung Gi. Xie xie jie jie!!!

  12. yuoi says:

    it’s interesting what this woman that predicted Lee Shim Jang back in 2009 told this time >.<

    let me be Nostradamus too and say that if Strong Heart continues to be like this or even better SeungGi will get Daesang at the end of the year on SBS Ent Awards ^^

  13. seunggicharm says:

    omo!this is really daebak!jinjja! Seung Gi..you’re simply the BEST! those hoodies..awwww..you look really good!is this a new side of Seung Gi for his 5th album?wow..i just don’t know what to say..I’m so speechless..^_^

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. steph says:

    omgoshhh meltiiing! seunggiii so adorbs!!!

  16. SeunngiL.O.V.E. says:

    I want to make a GIF to that “neo neun neo neun neo neun neo neun” (If i’m not mistaken) He’s so cute at that part!

  17. meyah972 says:

    OH MY G !! he`s sooo handsome. i really100x ♥ him.. wOoOH!!!

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