11.10.12 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

I think Captain Hook has officially lost her mind. Why is she scheduling all these events while SeungGi is trying to concentrate on his music comeback?

New additions to the official schedule:


Samsung Zipel 1-day Salesperson Event – Digital Plaza Geumcheon Branch

Samsung Zipel Event – E-Mart Gayang Branch Signing Event


The Saem Fan Signing Event – MyeongDong Branch


Lee Seung Gi releases teaser MV for “Alone In Love” by allkpop

‘Strong Heart’ solo MC Lee Seung Gi’s spectacular performance on stage dedicated to Hyun Jin Young by kpopfever
‘Strong Heart’ Lee Seung Gi inherited famous sayings from Kang Ho dong by kpopfever
Chae Ran wants Lee Seung Gi as her son-in-law by kpopfever


11.10.11 Nielsen ratings: #13 Strong Heart 10.0 (Seoul 11.3)

11.10.11 TNS ratings: #18 Strong Heart 8.6 (Seoul 10.2)

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15 Responses to 11.10.12 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meilo says:

    does that mean the rating is bad? -_-

  2. revolu says:

    double digit ratings for a talk show is really good, though I dont think these ratings are as good as before, but its still pretty good, specially if the’re still first in their timeslot

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even though the rating had dropped from last week, but i still proud of him. Since i can felt some mature skills he put on the 2nd times when he host the program. The flow of the program looks more smooth and neat. Also Seung Gi tried hard to make more chances to their fixed guest on appearance and he did a lot of preparation on proverb so the talks can be resonate with each other.

  4. SilentTouch says:

    Even though the rating is not well as last week, but i still proud of him. Since i can see many things that impressed me in yesterday episode. I can felt some mature on his MCing skills and lead the guests and the program’s flow looks more smooth and neat. Also Seung Gi tried hard to make more appearance and show off time to their fixed guest and he did a lot preparation on set up proverbs so the talks from guests can be resonate by each others. Lastly, he did Hip Pop dance that he never try before to warm up the whole atmosphere.

  5. Michelle Tang says:

    could not understand why the rating is lower than last week as i think the performance is good … could it be the guest?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love when they mentioned spectacular performance… It is amazing performance… wonderful voice …

  7. meilo says:

    what song? does that song for Han hyo joo??

    • jude says:

      as i understand the article from allkpop it says one of the song of Seunggi’s album, Han Hyo Joo will be narrating it..but it doesn’t say Han Hyo Joo will be singing..
      Somebody please correct me if my understanding is correct:)
      I’m happy to know that Seunggi & Hyo Joo still help each other, seems they’re really close friends..:)

      • yon says:

        yes jude, i read that HHJ is doing the narration only.

        I guess it’s hard to get to know people around your age in the industry, especially for him since he has been working with people who are much older than him. Beside her, i think he is still in contact with MCW too..

  8. airenyamyam says:

    Haha… “Captain Hook has officially lost her mind” I like that phrase there… yeah maybe Hook is much excited for Seung Gi? 🙂 Na… but really, im with you tryp, I hope that doesnt affect Seung Gi’s comeback.. just.. Fighting!!! 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think Captain Hook has officially lost her mind. – maybe it is because of the contract, SG has to finish all the events during a certain period time and SG was busying on making the album and the two variety shows before, so all events have been postponed until now. SG might be even busier from Nov……

  10. Anonymous says:

    it’s part of his work though it will make him very tired,but i think Seung Gi can handle them all very well. and also even though it’s a different event i think it will still help Seung Gi to promote his album. Seung Gi yah Fighting!

    • LSG girl says:

      I was actually thinking about the same thing. Kills two birds in one stone ~ he’s doing he’s job as the spokesperson and at the same time hell have more opportunity to promote his album… uri Seung Giya!!! Fighting!!!

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