Time For Love – Lee Seung Gi [Eng Sub]

Ann and I spent hours and hours translating the song, trying to get it just right. Beedance and her friend also spent a lot of time and effort subbing the video. So please respect our work. Do not reupload the video elsewhere. And do not use (any part of) our translation without credit, and of course, do not plagiarize.

credit: beedance, LSGfan, tryp96

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32 Responses to Time For Love – Lee Seung Gi [Eng Sub]

  1. airenyamyam says:

    THank you so much tryp!!! I appreciate the hard work just for us!! and please get some rest… 🙂

  2. Tishi says:

    Thank you, Tryp! And of course Ann and Beedance, and her friend, too!

  3. mheena says:

    i can’t stop smiling while watching this vid. perhaps Seung Gi is in love right now? haha. I envy the girl that will capture his heart! BTW, thanks for the translation. I am now able to appreciate the song more since I know what it means now 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    billion of thanks to yours hard works and sharing!!! 😛

  5. I love you seung gi says:

    duting the dialog b/w seunggi and hyoju, actually seungi is saying “may i have your phone number” but he says the word” number” so softly so hyoju didn’t understand him. so Seunggi just swicthes his word by saying ” have I borrow your phone” it’s so funny, ha ha ha

  6. guen says:

    to everyone who made the video so cool….daebak…luv it

  7. Eri-sshi says:

    Oh my God. I just…DIED! Thanks for the translation Tryp, Ann, Beedance, and the rest of you, I can only imagine the sleepless night you had because of this! Totally appreciate the song more with translations in it. The exchange of dialogues between Hyo Joo and Seung Gi made me smile, it was so cute and romantic! Ah~ I can’t get over it!!! ❤

  8. thanks tryp for that! can I share it on my fb account? thank you..

  9. K4Ice4Thu says:

    Many many thanks to tryp, Ann, Beedance and Beedance’s friend for translating and subbing this song! Such a cute video and fun subs to follow along to ^^v

    Seung Gi ah….if you ask, we shall answer YES!!! Can’t wait for his full album to come out ^^

  10. jn91 says:

    Thanks Tryp, Ann, Beedance and her friends! Really appreciated your hard work, even sacrificed your sleep! 😀 Seung Gi fighting! Airens fighting!

  11. iGo승기야 says:

    The secret project is beautifully done now!! Great job!!

  12. SLTeh says:

    Hi Tryp, Ann, Beedance & her friends,
    Thank you so much for the hard work & sharing….

  13. Michelle says:

    THANK YOU beedance, LSGfan, tryp96!!! awesome sweet song and super cute & lovely lyrics. After listening to this and listen will you marry me, will totally melt & want to fall in love hahaha!!! ❤

  14. 123@yahoo.com says:

    Very impressive! Love the creativity! Great job and thanks for all your hard work! Like everyone else, I appreciate the song more after knowing what it means, though I already fell in love with it the first time I heard it without the subtitle ^-^ God bless

  15. sarah says:

    OMG!!Million THANKS!! Tryp, Ann and Beedance!! You guys rocks!! I think you dont just LOVE SeungGi.. But also Us Airens!!^^

  16. cat says:

    Thanks Tryp, Beedance & LSGfan for this translation. I can sing together with SG as if I in a karaoke… haha… Thanks for the wonderful video!

  17. ym21 says:

    To everyone who has spent time translating and sharing this masterpiece of LSG, many many thanks. I LOVE IT!!

  18. eevies says:

    This is my first time posting, I have been a silent reader, but really really want to thank YOU tryp, lsgfan, and beedance fo your efforts. I already love the song without understanding a word. But now i am in heaven. I read that you normally don’t listen to songs that you don’t understand a work.. That’s me too. LSG definately made broke all rules. I have been watching raw version of 2D1N, strong heart and feeling so heartbroken tt I don’t understand Korean.. Thank You So much for the subs.

  19. PS says:

    Dear Tryp, Beedance and LSGfan..
    Thanks a million for all the effect..
    ITs really a masterpiece of art… Hehe.. Love it soo..
    Thanks again…

  20. Yvette says:

    Thank you so much Tryp!!! The translation is awesome!!!
    Smiles are all over my face while I listen to it and read along your English subs.

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  22. revolu says:

    thank you so much nuna’s, you are all very awesome 😀

    I think this song is less hes actually in love (i mean the mindset he was when when writing the song), and more he hopes to love someone in the future. For someone he time as busy as him, he wouldnt be able to devote the time for his girlfriend, and it wouldnt be fair on the girl. So he hopes to someday be able to love the girl fullheartedly, and finally experience the ride that is love lol.

  23. How I wish I could instantly understand what they are singing and saying!!!
    I’d REALLY appreciate all the efforts poured in by tryp, Ann, Beedance and a LSG fan!
    You guys are phenomenal!!!
    Now I can practice singing with the help of the neat subtitles ^.^¥


    I really LOVE this song and also you Mr. Lee Seung GIi. You really did well.. ❤

  25. Thanks for the hardwork guys! I love you 🙂 I keep on repeating and repeating it. It’s stuck in
    my head now :)) Good way to start my dayy :”> Btw…
    Is he the one who composed this?

  26. And oh. Most likely how I wish this will have a mv 🙂 He haven’t done any
    for a long long time :> I think Hyo Joo, if the mv will have a lead girl, will
    be the one 🙂

  27. Anonymous says:

    This vibrant fresh beat from SeungGi is definitely a hit. Can’t stop smiling while humming to this song.It really depicts Seung Gi’s true heart…. shy ,loving, caring and romantic. I can’t wait for his 5th album to be released. I’ve been listening to Seung Gi’s songs for a year now and he never ceases to amaze me plus the fact that his songs are timeless. Really , really love this song!!!

    Thanks Tryp,Ann,Beedance and friend for translating this song . Love you guys..
    God bless!!

    ……..from Vegas w/ luv….

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million, Tryp. Is it okay to suggest something in translation? During conversation, Seunggi(guy) actually would like to ask her phone number so he is murmuring ” ah,,, phone (number)” at second time he answers, but you hear “number” very quietly cause he’s shy and then he just says “Can I borrow your phone?” He just couldn’t deliver what he really want to get(which is her phone number). haha. Shall we date? Shall we kiss? So sweet!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much!

  30. MArnella. says:

    sweet, romantic and great song!…omg!..He composed this on few minutes….he’s a genius…nice lee seung gi.
    Lee Seung Gi is fell in love Yoona….Yoona es su musa para la inpiración de esta hermosa canción ♥

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