Lee Seung Gi, #1 on American Billboard Chart

Finally, press articles are coming out!

Singer Lee Seung Gi took the 1st place on the American Billboard K-Pop chart.

According to the newest Billboard K-Pop chart on October 21, Lee Seung Gi’s song ‘Time for Love’ was ranked #1. ‘Time for Love’, released on October 14, is a song that frankly portrays the feelings of being single, and is also eye-catching with actress Han Hyo Joo’s narration.

[No offense to anyone, but I hope I won’t see any ridiculous comments like ‘Lee Seung Gi’s song is daebak BECAUSE of Han Hyo Joo’s narration’ on this blog.]

Source: osen via nate
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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16 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, #1 on American Billboard Chart

  1. guen says:

    Whet wew…congrats Lee Seung gi…well done….

  2. kay says:

    Once again, FANTASTIC news!!! Lee Seung-gi is a truly talented individual!! 😉

    Thanks so much, tryp96! 😉

  3. yon says:

    Wow! Congratulation Seung Gi!!! He truly deserved all these.

  4. revolu says:

    But Lee Seung Gi’s song is daebak BECAUSE of Han Hyo Joo’s……….

    KIDDING, but seriously the song is good with the narration, it keeps the chorus fresh and makes the song that much more better. The narration is smart cause it tricks the listener with the pauses in the song. I wouldnt go as far to say the song is daebak ONLY because of Hyo Joo, but I would say the song wouldnt have the same effect without the narration. If the narration would be taken out the song would be a bit more generic, a typical pop song with Seung Gi added twists.

  5. SLTeh says:

    Congratulation Seunggi! You are the best all-around entertainer. Daebak!

  6. Tishi says:

    Congratulations, Seung-gi! You deserved it! What a comeback!

  7. mmeshahsg says:

    Kudos to Lee Seung Gi. It’s a beautiful song and suits listeners of all ages.
    I wish I could give him a BIG Hug right now…..
    Hugs…. Hugs…. Hugs… Love… Love… Love…. from your Ahjumma 압 샤


  8. love0488 says:

    Way back then I said, Popularity doesn’t mean you’re already the BEST… But heyyyyy not in the case of LEE SEUNG GI…. He’s very popular and definitely THE BEST…

    ~Thanks so much tryp96 for posting..

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  10. jn91 says:

    Wow, congratz oppa! I’ve been saying ‘congratz, congratz’ again and again, hope so in the future! 😀 Btw, I’m just curious, is this means that Time for Love is have a higher rank than SNSD’s The Boys? If really so, that will be very very great! 😛
    Seung Gi oppa, fighting! Airens fighting! 5th album fighting! 😉

  11. Chel says:

    The Boys just released on Oct 19 and after releasing this song has been on top all or almost chats. SG’ll comeback 1 week later than SNSD’s. Hope that Korean Airens will help him get No.1 on Music bank and Inkigayo. Seung Gi fighting!

  12. N says:

    American billboard?!! wahh!
    is there an american article talking abt his song? just curious….

    and true that, his song is awesome becuz of him, not hanhyojoo…jus sayin…

    • naina says:

      of course, the song is good not because Hyo Joo
      but this song has a soul, it is the heart of mind a lee seung gi
      and hyo joo here only like as an accessory that makes the song more perfect 🙂

  13. Dimples says:

    WOW! Congrats SeungGi ya! I’m so proud of you! You’re amazing! All the best!

    Lee SeungGi Effect…Midas Touch? Hmmn I want to call it…SeungGi’s Touch! 🙂

    Tryp, thanks a lot. 🙂

  14. seunggicharm says:

    wow!this is such a great news topping the american billboard chart..Congratulations Seung Gi-ya..you worked hard and deserves it..=)

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