Lee Seung Gi ‘Time for Love’ Week 2 Music Chart Rankings

Well, it’s Monday again, so it’s time for the weekly rankings:

MelOn: #1 (10/16 – 10/22)
Soribada: #1 (10/16 – 10/22)
Cyworld: #1 (4th week)
Mnet: #2 (10/17 – 10/23)
Bugs: #2 (10/16 – 10/22)
Monkey3: #2 (10/17 – 10/23)
Olleh (Dosirak): #3 (10/17 – 10/23)
Daum: #4 (10/16 – 10/22)
Naver: #17 (10/17 – 10/23)

And to top it off, here’s the combined weekly chart from instiz (10/17 – 10/23):

Even though SNSD took over the #1 spot as expected (but barely, by only 600 points), I’d like to put things in perspective here. Please note, this is not meant to offend SNSD fans.

If you look at last week’s numbers, SeungGi’s digital single was only on the chart for 3 days, yet it got over 9000 points. This week, SNSD released a full album, which usually has more pull than a digital single, and was on the chart for 5 days. And they’ve been promoting it in full force, while Hook had done ZERO promotion.

So I have to say SeungGi’s song is really doing extraordinarily well, faced with stiff competition from all these hot idol groups. And I feel so proud, especially since this is the very first song co-composed/produced by SeungGi that’s released to the public.

source: respective music charts, dclsg for monkey3
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10 Responses to Lee Seung Gi ‘Time for Love’ Week 2 Music Chart Rankings

  1. Dia Haksaeng says:

    congrat Seunggi oppa..proud to be your fans…always love you..

  2. meilo says:

    i pray for him to win award for singing this year!!
    hope he’ll win for sure!!
    good luck to him!!

  3. nomoyepo says:

    aja aja seung gi ya.3 days to go your album will out FIGHTINGGGG.

  4. FLVWL says:

    ..i agree tryp… needless to say, he’s #1 and always will be.
    congratulations Seung Gi !!!! i’m so proud of you!!
    ..thanks tryp for the update..


  5. revolu says:

    I have mixed feelings when it comes to SNSD’s new song.

    I LOVE the concept, the girls are so beautiful and they look amazing taking charge and putting out a more mature, sexy energy. But I really dont like the song itself. It sounds so uneven and unpolished. It almost sounds like an unfinished song. (I actually feel this way about Seung Gi’ s new song as well but to a MUCH lesser degree. It pertains to the ending of the chorus but eventually after repeated listens It became a non issue) I also feel SM is pushing too much production value into the show of the girls, rather then focus on their natural talents. And dont get me started on the MV, its so overproduced on special effects and that stupid white dove that really turns me off. That’s why I’m so mixed when I hear this song. I love looking at the performances and the girls themselves since I think their so pretty, the dance moves are really well done, and I’m a huge fan. But I almost want to turn of the audio cause I don’t like the song. But since I’m a fan I still listen and watch the entire time LOL.

    But congrats to Seung Gi, the man has got some holding power.

    Its actually pretty easy to see who did better, add up seung gi’s total point total 9018 + (10929/7)*2 = 12140 which gives us a 5 day total. SNSD’s 5 day total is 11534, so Seunggi has a better 5 day overall point total then SNSD by 606 points. But its pretty much expected SNSD is gonna only get better chart totals. Its SNSD, nuff said.

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    Congratulations, Seung Gi! Really well done! And to revolu, thanks so much for a review comment, even though it’s mostly on “The Boys.” Because I know so little of K-pop songs I am always eager to hear people’s opinions as to why a song is good or not so good. I like “Time for Love” more and more with each playing. The melody (by Ra.D.?) and lyrics (by SG) go so well together. It gives a very intimate feel and pulls you in. With the images of the teaser, the song becomes quite full and layered. Really like it.

    • Revolu says:

       Thanx annmichelle, maybe I’ll do a full album review of seung gi’s album XD, I like to actually approach listening to songs on a more technical level if it’s an artist I already like, ie seung gi. Otherwise if it’s a tune that I enjoy, then I’ll listen to the song more.

      If I had to post an honest review of “time to love.” I have to say it’s not my favorite seung gi song but it is a good one. I posted before that Han hyo joo’s narration is a smart choice cause it placed right after the chorus and provides a very good bridge into the verses. The musical tune itself is a nice pleasing almost jazzy laid back track, and while it’s still clearly a pop song, it’s well polished. however it’s also nothing new and feels safe. My whole feelings for the track is that it’s balanced. It’s not amazing, buts also not mediocre. Any potential traps into being simply normal and monotonous stops doing so because of the clever timing of the narration an the rap. The lyrics complement the tone of the song, and have that hint of seung gi charm, that wanting to love. And lastly, Seung Gi’s vocals have become so polished that you hint no flaws in vocal ability in the track, though it’s not being really challenged here. Still it’s a good song, it’s really like a well wrapped package with unspoiled goods and foam filling to protect it. There are no flaws, but it isn’t exactly diamonds either.

      This is obviously my opinion so you guys can take it or leave it, and I didt mean to make a one song review into an essay :p. I hope you enjoy it annmichelle XD

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Thank you again, Revolu. Learned a few things from you already.

        I always feel SG not just sings but acts out his songs. His being a wonderful actor really helps deliver the songs. (My secret hope is every song has its own MV!)

        Look forward to your full album review.

  7. eevies says:

    I am pretty new to Kpop too, I watched the MTV last night to check out the song. I dont really like it.. But it’s a song meant for mass market and 9 pretty girls to pull in sales , I guess they will do better than seunggi but you can’t really compare them fairly as seunggi is solo singer.. And he did better than the other solo artist so I think he did well right?

  8. Lee seung gi is the best ! I so proud of him ! Fighting!

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