Lee Seung Gi, Title Song ‘Aren’t We Friends’ Confirmed.. To be Released on Oct 27

Back as a singer with a full album after 2 years, Lee Seung Gi’s title song has been confirmed.

On October 24, an official from Hook Entertainment said, “It’s confirmed that Lee Seung Gi’s full-length 5th album will be released at 12am on October 27. And the title song’s name has been finalized as ‘Aren’t We Friends’.”

“We plan to carry out all the regular broadcast activities including music ranking programs in parallel. Right now, we are making last-minute arrangements for the comeback stage.”

This album’s title song ‘Aren’t We Friends’ is a song written by Bang Shi Hyuk, and it’s a medium tempo ballad song that’s not far off from Lee Seung Gi’s existing color.

The official explains that it’s a memorable song with lyrics that men and women of all ages can identify with, and sweet melody.

Besides the title song, Lee Seung Gi’s new album is filled with songs of various genres. It contains a total of 9 to 10 songs, and 4 or 5 of them can easily contend for the title song, making this a top quality album.

‘I Am a Bad Guy’, written by the producing team Honeydew’o (Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeop and Eco Bridge), is a song that signals the transformation of Lee Seung Gi who has been represented with his honest, hardworking and upright young man image.

Regarding ‘I Am a Bad Guy’, someone related to Honeydew’o said, “Instead of Lee Seung Gi’s existing nice guy image, he’s worked hard to bring out his sexy and peculiarly devilish side.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi had achieved ‘All-Kill’ on major online music charts like MelOn, Bugs, and Olleh Music when he released ‘Time for Love’ on October 14, and showed off the nation’s younger brother’s potential.

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11 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, Title Song ‘Aren’t We Friends’ Confirmed.. To be Released on Oct 27

  1. love0488 says:

    Woaaaaaahhh Lee Seung Gi’s sexy and peculiarly devilish side.”rawwwwwrr.. really can’t wait for this album^_____^

    Again. many thanks to you tryp96 for bringing this out^^

  2. nomoyepo says:

    you’re really an angel to us tryp,I’ve been waiting this article to be transleted in english.nomo nomo kamsahamnida.

  3. myseunggiya says:

    Can the days be any faster? I can’t wait to get hold of his album!
    This side of SeungGi I want to see, “I Am a Bad Guy” raaaaar!
    I wonder how the MV’s would be like!

    Thanks Tryp!

  4. seunggicharm says:

    OMO!i think I’m gonna have a heart attack on that “sexy and peculiarly devilish side.”..I can’t wait for the next single to come out!I wonder if he’s gonna make a comeback on Music Bank?hmmm..
    thanks tryp!

  5. wow! i’m so excited! >_< yey!

  6. ♥ nicoleko66 says:

    Chinese Translation: 在10月24日, 有一位Hook官员接受访问说: “昇基5辑会在10月27日发行。专辑名称也已确定了, 名为《是朋友啊》。我们也计划进行所有的录制节目包括音乐排行榜节目,一起并行。现在, 我们正在为回归舞台做最后一分钟的安排。” (Credit: tryp96部分翻译nicoleko66)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Base on the chinese translation,shouldn’t the title song translate into we are friends, instead of aren’t we friends.

    • tryp96 says:

      Well, I’m translating from Korean, not from Chinese. I think 친구잖아 has more connotation than just ‘we’re friends’, but this is just my working title until I see the complete lyrics. People who speak Korean, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  8. kay says:

    need your like here ^^

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