11.10.26 Lee Seung Gi 5th Album ‘Tonight’ Showcase

There are TONS of news articles coming out about the showcase. I’ll just keep updating here, to keep things simple. 😛
English translations: tryp96.wordpress.com

OMG, did Hook finally hire a PR person?! It’s a miracle! 😛

Lee Seung Gi’s agency said, “Besides making a comeback through TV and other broadcast media, our agency has also been preparing other new promotional methods, such as playing the ‘5-minute music broadcast’ on a top car [?] with 300-inch large screen display, and guerrilla concerts in areas like Gangnam, Myeongdong, Itaewon, Hongdae and etc.”

More articles are saying that it’s the top car that’ll be circulating in those areas, not SeungGi holding guerrilla concerts. 😛


PD Na shows his support, and will appear in one of the 5-minute music broadcasts as a guest.


For the showcase, SeungGi formed a band, and performed 3 songs out of the new album: Aren’t We Friends, Tonight, and Slave.

The 5-minute music broadcasts SeungGi is recording today will be released through Melon TV and youtube etc. on November 1.


SeungGi said he wrote ‘Time for Love’ when he felt lonely. It was when he went to Osaka to visit Park Chan Ho for 1N2D. He was stuck in the hotel room with his manager, and felt a little depressed about the situation. Then the song just came out naturally. 😛 Poor SeungGi… He said it was something he had thought about a lot after his debut, especially since he met so many pretty girls while working. 😆


When asked about dramas, SeungGi said it wasn’t confirmed yet, but he was planning on a new project for the 1st half of next year. He wanted to do a drama this year, but didn’t get a chance to; he was waiting for a good project to come along.

When asked about military enlistment, SeungGi said it was too early to say anything, even though he wouldn’t want to enlist too late. But if he had to go next year, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. 😦


Rachel is currently waiting outside the studio. My understanding is that after the showcase for the press ends, SeungGi will record special videos (probably the 5-minute music broadcast) with some lucky fans (including Rachel) in attendance.


SeungGi singing:


The showcase filming is starting:

credit: twitter

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22 Responses to 11.10.26 Lee Seung Gi 5th Album ‘Tonight’ Showcase

  1. myseunggiya says:

    Seung Gi will be there? 🙂

  2. oh ! I hope i can be there ! 😦

  3. loveLSG says:

    WAOW !! the place is so beautiful.. i hope i can be there to listen seung gi singing..

  4. Tonks Perez says:

    Excited to hear more about this showcase!!!

  5. sarah says:

    This is so exciting..!! Im so excited!! Music showcase? Does it also means the MV? Im so busy at work and been not able to stalk your updates Tryp..thank you again for all the updates.. ^^
    Now..will try to stick to ur blog..despite of my work.. Hate it.. :p

  6. seunggicharm says:

    I’ve got mixed emotions right now..
    1st- I’m so happy for Seung Gi’s album showcase today..after so many years..new songs from him is really daebak!
    2nd- the news about him thinking that it isn’t a bad idea if he’d enlist next year makes me want to cry..*sigh* I know eventually this will happen..but it’s just hard to accept..*sigh* Oh well..maybe it would be best if he’d go soon to cut the agony..*sigh*

    hmmm..I guess for now,let’s just celebrate with him on his new album.. =D

    Thanks tryp for the update!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Enlisting in the army next year? This is totally out of my expected! 😦
    Ok! Everything not been confirmed I’ll try not to do any judgement..

  8. Wonny says:

    Is this leaked? It was supposed to be released 2moro right?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anyway, I had addicted to this song!!

  10. sarah says:

    Thanks Tryp for updating.. 🙂 Ahh really will check.from time to time.. Im so excited..But the release video will be on Nov 1..thats too far..ahaha please let days pass faster.. ;p
    so he wrote the song Time for Love.. When he felt a bit depressed but it did’nt came out the feeling of the song…^^ really it came naturally cute that a guy is ready to go through and confess his feelings to the girl he likes..
    I love it too much that my day wont be complete without listening to it..^^
    military enlistment.. I know he should go someday.. Aww thinking about it makes me sad.. 😦

  11. Anonymous says:

    i hope somebody removes the video in that Chinese site 😦 Let’s all wait for the official release 🙂

  12. Yon says:

    Did allkpop translate wrongly? I read it & they interpret it as SGi wants to enter army early next year… I thought it was drama & not army..

  13. In one of the episodes of Strong Heart, one of the guests, a lady whose name I cannot remember, shared her ability to read a person’s fortune from the person’s face shape and she said that when she looks at Lee Seung Gi, she senses that LSG has wealth but is lonely.

    And from what Lee Seung Gi himself admitted, he is lonely indeed if he had no one to talk to when he was stuck in the hotel with his manager.

    And only a few minutes ago I watched a YouTube video which showed his interview on theYDH Music Show KBS Cool when he was 23 years old and during this interview he admitted that he HAS NO FRIENDS! How sad is that? He is unbelievably well-known and well-loved and yet he admitted that he has no friends?! And so the guest on SH was right on the money! LSG is a wealthy but lonely soul. Which makes me wonder – has he ever been in a romantic relationship before? Because he admitted in one of the episodes of SH that he has done a deep kiss before and so that admission begs the question – with whom did he do it and when?

    I hope he has friends now, 2 years after that interview. And I pray that he will meet the love of his life and be able to build a fulfillng and happy life with her so he won’t be lonely anymore. My heart bleeds for him when he admitted that he has no friends and after reading that he was so lonely that he could only find respite from that loneliness through writing a song. He is such a good person, he deserves to be happy. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      He has friends from high school who he is still very close to and plays soccer with them as well. And those friends always protect SeingGi from media, even two of his managers were high school friends (not sure still are though, haven’t seen their pictures lately). I saw the interview you mentioned and he meant he has no friends who are in the entertainment industry only. His life style is different from the other celebrities (like going to clubs or drinking…), also perhaps other people in his age group in the industry are group idols who are in their own companies. And don’t forget, he has busier schedule than anyone in the same industry..

      • I am happy for him if he does have friends and true friends who stay with him through thick and thin because he needs that kind of support from those closest to him to go through the dog-eat-dog world of the entertainment industry.

        Even though I did not say it, I am well aware of how busy Lee Seung Gi is – it is a well-known fact. You did not need to highlight that to me. I never meant to imply anything negative about Lee Seung Gi in any way because personally I think he is an exemplary individual.

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