11.10.26 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi speaks out about military enlistment by kpopfever
Lee Seung Gi releases new album “Tonight” + MV for ‘Because We’re Friends’ by allkpop
Producer Na Young Suk supports Lee Seung Gi by making guest appearance on his music program by korea.com
Lee Seung Gi performs his new song “Tonight” by korea.com
Lee Seung Gi Says, “I won’t attempt to fill in for Kang Ho Dong.” by enewsWorld
Lee Seung Gi receives commendation for bank savings by allkpop
Kim Hyun Joong gives grey pants to Lee Seung Gi by korea.com

Why did Kim Hyun Joong buy thirty pairs of pants? by allkpop [SeungGi related]

Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Strong Heart’ sees increase in rating once again by kpopfever

Lee Seung Gi, “My forehead is growing” by kpopfever

Kim Hyun Joong apologizes to Lee Seung Gi by allkpop
Lee Seung Gi still mad at Kim Hyun Joong? by kpopfever


11.10.25 Nielsen ratings: #7 Strong Heart 11.7 (Seoul 13.7)

11.10.25 TNS ratings: #15 Strong Heart 10.4 (Seoul 12.4)

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3 Responses to 11.10.26 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    So many Seung Gi’s news today!! It’s a good sign for his 5th album.. 🙂
    I thinks it will be even more on this coming days since he will sweep the charts twice within one month.. hehe 😀

  2. sarah says:

    Thanks Tryp.. ^^ Lols on SeungGi`s forehead.. And I love it that Kim Hyun Joong is his friend.. Im starting to like him too.. 🙂

  3. yuoi says:

    hello, Tryp, dont see it in your posted article links, so here it is: nice compilation of Seung Gi’s answers from showcase ^^ http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/new_view.htm?sec=ent0&a_id=2011102716423997562

    sorry, if you’ve already posted it)))

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